The “Cigarette Hook” explained and solved by 14&Out All Natural Method

Do you see the big cloud? Why are there huge black clouds around the cure for the smoking addiction? Let’s clear out those clouds right now. Cigarettes are loaded with up to 4,000 chemicals to make you feel so horrible that you must have some relief. Every time someone smokes a cigarette, they get a cigarette “hangover” within one hour. Relief for that hangover is another cigarette (aspirin for the chain smoker) and is provided in a super strong vapor form of nicotine, loaded and juiced up by ammonia, pesticide, formaldehyde and bleach. There is a cure for the cigarette hangover, and 45,000,000 Americans should know, because knowledge is power.

Get ready to understand how Big Tobacco hooks smokers after just ONE cigarette and how you or a loved one can become “unhooked” and stay that way for life. Mike Adams interviews Sean Cohen, author and teacher of “14AndOut,” a course that helps smokers quit the addiction by learning innovative techniques and strategies never before heard. These strategies don’t involve transferring addictions – they help smokers learn how the “hook” works so they can free themselves from the addiction for the rest of their life. 14AndOut has proven results and a high success ratio for getting smokers to stop smoking forever.

Learn How to Quit Smoking in 60 Minute Video:
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