Chemtrails: Not just bio-pollution, but marketing tactics of a political campaign

The U.S. is still fighting the “Fake Bush Wars” in the Middle East, and jet noise is still “sound” justification to dredge up moral support from the masses. War mongers are still making a fortune off the military (industrial) war complex, and the reality of it churns on, whether you choose to believe it or not.

On January 17, 1961, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower was leaving office and Kennedy was about to be inaugurated, Eisenhower forewarned the taxpayers of the United States in his exit speech, saying beware of the “Military Industrial Complex” ( Hearing jet noise and seeing chemtrails should remind “patriots” that the U.S. of A. is more than a decade deep into this money making scheme planned and carried out by politicians and their “silent” investors – companies doing business without competition in Iraq and Afghanistan, and from their laptop computers in Washington.

Instead, the United States could be using primarily drones and Special Forces to dismantle overseas terrorism circuits, instead of endangering thousands of lives on the ground, all while worsening U.S. debt by the trillions every year – building McDonald’s in Iraq, charging tools which are billed at over 20 times typical costs, fuel for delivery trucks, fuel for jets to fly all over the place, and prescribing expensive pharmaceuticals for anyone who sees or gets entangled in the horror stories. These are all costs to taxpayers which end up padding the pockets of politicians who run these companies as a monopoly, not allowing outside contracts from “non-investors”

Haliburton, Monsanto, GMO and jet fuel:
You heard it right! The “sweet sound of freedom” keeps the masses thinking its okay for the U.S.A. to police the whole world at the taxpayer’s expense. It’s simply reverse psychology. Point out the obviously bad and call it a good thing, then sell, sell, sell. Television sells the message, and so do the constant jet lift offs and landings that blast the perpetually “partly cloudy” skies like clockwork over thousands of neighborhoods, ports and bases of America. Call it what you will: painting the skies with cancer smoke; trashing the skies; crop dusting with pesticides from a little bit higher up; or just a toxic brew of poisonous heavy metals.

The Bush administration started the chemtrail mayhem by dismantling environmental laws which had been in existence for 30 years, all to let corporations off the proverbial hook, just like with the BP oil spill. So then who is the real “Evil Tri-Fecta?” The EPA, the FDA, and the CDC! What easier way to make a fortune off a whole nation than to make them sick with chemicals and then treat them with expensive health care chemicals. The true terrorism America faces is toxic food and medicine. Chemtrails are just another feature of the Government run coalition for the pollution of the environment, food, drinking water, medicine, and cosmetics (

The ultimate scientific truth about “contrails” is still under the microscope, but for the intelligent “question authority” team of experts out there who use intuition, common sense, and research from good sources, the sky is still loaded with toxic “cirrus” clouds, and some people in California swear they can smell and taste the chemicals.

For more information about the REAL domestic war and “terror by tyranny,” check out the documentaries Loose change and Inside job. You may then realize that contrails are just the tip of the iceberg! (


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