Know your diet! Don’t follow any fads without having a clear idea about it.

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According to Natural News, the Lemonade Detox diet first became effective, strangely, when its creator, Stanley Burroughs, recommended it for the healing of stomach ulcers. In his book The Master Cleanser, he shares how he first came to test the Master Cleanse diet on a patient who was suffering from ulcers for three years. Left with no other recourse, the patient approached Stanley, who recommended that he undertake the cleanse. After 11 days, the patient was totally healed to the amazement of the doctors. Many other cases followed with the same consistent and astounding results within ten days. Of particular note also was that those undergoing the Master Cleanse also experienced a reduction in weight.
If there have been doubts as to the veracity of Stanley Burrough’s claim of the Lemon Detox diet’s effectiveness, there have been testimonies over the years of its efficacy. Of recent vintage is Tom Woloshyn’s work The Master Cleanse Experience, published by Ulysses Press in 2009. This book briefly mentions Woloshyn’s experience in advising clients who have undergone the Master Cleanse program and provides among other insights health benefits which include better sleep, positive outlook, clarity of mind and freedom from addictions. He, thus, advocates keeping a journal to monitor developments as well as a reference for future use when undergoing the program for the second or many more times over.
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There are four reasons that are sure to make you optimistic in the year 2014.
1.) General Mills stops peeing in our Cheerios
Indeed, it is true – bowing to pressure from activist and consumer groups, General Mills has made the decision to source only non-GMO ingredients. Spokesman Mike Siemienas, while mentioning the decision was made “many weeks” ago, also wrote, “We do value our Cheerios fans and we do listen to their thoughts and suggestions.”

2.) The FDA finally bans trans fats
Finally, the FDA has chosen to do something about trans fats, recommending that foods containing partially hydrogenated oils be classified as “not generally recognized as safe.” While the comment period has been extended to March 8, 2014, it looks as if US food makers will no longer be allowed to knowingly include these dangerous ingredients in the food supply.

3.) Maine and Connecticut pass GMO labeling laws – more to follow?
Undaunted by the narrow defeat of Proposition 37 in California, GMO labeling advocates pressed on in 2013 to victories in Maine and Connecticut. Other proposals are under consideration in 26 more states. While not on the books yet (the laws depend on other neighboring states to follow suit), the Grocery Manufacturers Association is already looking for relief at the federal level, authoring legislation that would supersede the states and make all GMO labeling voluntary.

4.) Fluoride is on the run! – Removing fluoride and keeping it out of water supplies is increasingly becoming a legitimate issue.
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