How many chickens do you kill each year with your “appetite for destruction?”

cafo chickens dying
How many chickens in the mass feeding operations have cancer right now? A CAFO is a confined animal feeding operation, in case you hadn’t heard. This is like an Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp for animals before they get gassed (beheaded or throat slit). They are thoroughly abused from birth to death. They are treated not as animals but as fast food supply and demand — period. All animals on Earth have cells that can mutate from eating chemical-laced food, like GMOs. When you eat cancer meat, your “meat” becomes toxic — your stomach, your intestines, your organs, your brain and your heart. You become a GMO — a genetically modified organism that grows pesticide inside your body, in your gut, where the bacterial balance is so out of whack that you get cancer. But it all starts with E. coli and Salmonella, and that’s why corporations feed the nightmare with antibiotics, to stave off disease long enough for dumb Americans to buy it, consume it and fall prey to the largest sick care industry in the whole world. The most developed nation serves up the sickest, most deadly food.

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