Industrial dumping of tungsten in Nevada and Arizona has been linked to childhood leukemia!

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According to Natural News, in 2009 Fox News reported, “Scientists studying childhood leukemia cases in Arizona and Nevada say their research shows a possible link between tungsten and the disease.” The article is about the discovery of “childhood leukemia clusters” in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and Fallon, Nevada, a rural community 60 miles east of Reno.
An industrial operation there, it turns out, was emitting large amounts of tungsten into the air in Fallon, causing environmental levels of the heavy metal to rise substantially. As Science Daily reports:
The amount of tungsten in tree rings from Fallon quadrupled between 1990 and 2002, whereas the amount in tree rings from nearby towns remained the same, according to a research team led by Paul R. Sheppard of The University of Arizona’s Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.
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That same article goes on to report, “Since 1997, 17 cases of childhood leukemia have been diagnosed in children who lived in the Fallon area for some time prior to diagnosis. Fallon’s high incidence of leukemia has been acknowledged as a leukemia cluster by the Nevada State Health Division.”
Just as importantly, it also mentions the conclusion of a 2003 Department of Health and Human Services report which investigated the causes of the leukemia cluster. The report also stated that the heavy metal tungsten is “a contaminant of concern because it was elevated in urine samples” of Fallon-area residents.
The tungsten in Fallon was coming from nearby tungsten mines and a “tungsten carbide processing operation” which manufactured tungsten-based products for machinery and tools.
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Scientists studying childhood leukemia cases in Arizona and Nevada say their research shows a possible link between tungsten and the disease.
University of Arizona researchers Mark Witten and Paul Sheppard said a small group of laboratory mice developed leukemia-like blood symptoms after they were exposed to the heavy metal and then a common respiratory virus. The two have been investigating childhood leukemia clusters in Sierra Vista and Fallon since 2002. Since 1997, 17 children in Fallon have been sickened with leukemia. Three died. The last case in the cluster was diagnosed in 2004.
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