Soy lecithin is almost not food at all – you should avoid this “additive” at all costs

hexane barrel

Natural News breaks this down to bare basics, with another great article from the series “Health Basics” that is like taking a class like “Food chemicals 101.” It starts off letting you know that there is organic, fermented soy that can do wonders for health, but that all the rest of the soy family and soy products are detrimental to health, including the ubiquitous SOY LECITHIN. What is any food really that has been treated with hexane, a constituent of gasoline? What if you dropped a piece of food in a chemical at your own home, say a little gasoline or bug spray, would you rinse it off and eat it? I know, you’re saying “it’s not the same thing,” but it’s time you look at reality and examine what it means for food to go through processes that involve industrial chemical “cleansing” and how your digestive system, your central nervous system, and your immune system are implicated.

Here’s what you do. After reading this article, read the ingredients of ten products from your refrigerator, freezer or pantry and scan for the term “soy lecithin.” Write down how many times it appears. Multiply that figure by 365, and then the number of years you have likely been consuming those type of products on average. Then try to fathom this: most doctors in America (aside from Naturopaths and Nutritional doctors) are trained to perform surgery and prescribe pharmaceuticals to suit that agenda and quell your symptoms of disease and disorder of the cells. In other words, it doesn’t mean your doctor is evil and doesn’t care that nutrition is 95% of health and wellness – it just means he/she has no training, no experience – prescribing food, herbs and tinctures for remedy. In fact, the AMA, ADA and FDA would put an allopathic doctor OUT OF BUSINESS for doing exactly that. On that note, food additives like soy lecithin and food preservatives like sodium benzoate and MSG cause a whole host of central nervous system disorders and they choke your cells, mutating them and eventually leading to cancer. Here is the “health basics” on soy lecithin, thanks to Natural News:

As a general rule, avoid soy across the board. The only good soy is organic and fermented, and it’s not easy to find.

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