The circle of power and the delivery of misinformation

round table script planning

Have you ever heard of the “circle of power?” These are the people who sit at round tables and long conference tables and discuss how to make billions of dollars and control the news scripts and influence purchasing habits of Americans. Right now, it’s a SAY ANYTHING” government, and do whatever you want. There are virtually no regulations in Washington DC or on Wall Street right now. There is insider trading, fake bailouts where CEOs and lobbyists pocket billions, and there are unnecessary wars being waged to feed the military industrial complex. Obama puts people in charge of America’s food who want to control the population and our health (the bad kind) with GMO and processed additives and preservatives in everything they can touch, including pharmaceuticals, flu shots and other vaccinations. It’s a sick health trap and the taxpayers are footing the “Bill” – pun intended. Do you know what NDAA really means? Did you know the Patriot Act took the bottom out of the Bill of Rights? What is Obamacare, really, and why are they forcing it down our throats?


What will President Obama do, and what will he say? Will he really “ask those who can most afford it to pay their fair share?” Is that what you believe or want to believe? We’ve all seen what has happened. Healthcare for the diseased is being forced to be paid by college grads that are healthy and can’t find a job. We heard all about the Middle East wars we were supposed to quit but are still full-fledged, just in different “areas.” We hear about recovery. We hear about “organic food” and the White House garden from the wife of the ‘great orator’ … the wizard of OZ (USA), all while the FDA pushes GMO on everyone (unlabeled) and cuts deals behind closed doors with the Biotech Industry. For how long can people tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear, but not deliver on any of it? How long can you take it? Are you ready to pull the curtain back, and reveal the machines that create the smoke and the mirrors?

Did you ever see the movie “Good Morning Vietnam” with Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker? There was this very memorable, emotional scene for Robin Williams, who played the role perfectly by the way, and these two military news dolts were editing out the reality of what was happening and being printed/wired, and Williams caught them in the act, because he had witnessed first hand experiences to the contrary. The men filtering the news were doing so in order to keep America in the dark about the losses we were incurring in the war in the jungle, and the horror stories of death and injury, and the killing of innocents in the name of “stopping the spread of communism.” It was one of those “isms” America must fight, like terror-ism. Get it? Good Morning Vietnam was a wake up call, but the message didn’t get through to the masses back in the USA until it was all too late, and we had been losing the war for years. Welcome to Afghanistan, the war of “ism” where we hunt down the enemy in the mountains and deserts instead of the jungle, and where our troops are dropped right into harm’s way, and where a land mine in a “rice paddy” is called I.E.D.

Forced censorship scene from “Good Morning Vietnam”

Fighting the ever unnecessary “ism” war

The news is filtered, scrubbed, scripted and read to you as if it’s real. It’s based on real events but is told from a small “by invitation only” room hours or days later, in a style that suits the agenda, the protocol, the constituent’s interests, the politician’s investments, and of course, the paybacks for the lobbyists. The newspaper and the television tell you everything is alright. You should be calm and accept it. Today isn’t much different than yesterday, or the day before. You can look at history as a simple series of events and just go about your day. From the story of WWII to the Korean War, and from the spread of communism to the NDAA, there is “nothing to see here.” From 9/11 to “weapons of mass destruction” that never existed in Iraq, the story gets “told.” Yep, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were in “cahoots!” That was the story and that’s why we are at war today. None of your rights have been compromised and you are safe to eat the GMO food and drink the tap water. No labels on anything necessary just trust the government and what the leader reads to you from the screen that shows the words the “circle of power” talked about and filtered for the great delivery – to YOU. There is no Fukushima to talk about and no legislation that is crushing your Bill of Rights, so eat your fast food and pay your taxes. Want proof that the news is scripted to distract you from what really matters, so you won’t “suss out” the war on terror, drugs, cancer and domestic spying? Just watch this MSNBC interview with a Congresswoman where she’s talking about ending NSA’s illegal activity of wire tapping and collecting cell phone records, as MSNBC rudely interrupts her to bring you “breaking news” about … wait for it … Justin Bieber’s D.U.I. bond hearing! This shows the sick priorities of the mainstream media in action: (

The circle of power and the delivery of misinformation

The television and the newspaper are scripted for you to remain calm and not want to revolt, or change your voting and purchasing habits. The TV and the nightly news are scripted so you won’t protest and buck the system. The riots are because of crazy people. The school shootings and public “bombings” in the homeland are all done by terrorists from wherever we’re fighting the “ism” war. So, drink your coffee in the break room, briefly talk about the “news” with your coworkers, and then get back to work – you have some healthcare premiums to earn before you get fined for not buying what the government dictates that you must with all of your net income. Supposedly, your government is keeping you safe from yourself, by taking away your inherent rights and freedoms. Isn’t it worth the price? If you’re still confused, just take a look at the teleprompter copy and think of the exact opposite. Then click your heels together three times and say, “There’s no place like home.”


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