Over 250 million Americans are addicted to FOOD DRUGS and suffering health consequences right now

biocorn hazard

What? – Food drugs? What on earth are you talking about? Do you mean they (Big Food) are putting prescription drugs inside foods? Do you mean that scientists are working in labs right now figuring out how to make humans addicted to certain food additives and agents? Is that what you mean by food drugs? Bloggers everywhere want to know.

The Health Ranger has a Forensic Food Lab, and he is studying this phenomenon using microscopy and other high tech scientific equipment and measuring chemicals in foods. How many chemicals are in foods? Try about 70,000 different ones allowed by the FDA. How can you even start to filter them out of your daily intake? That’s easy. You just have to prioritize. Start with identifying and eliminating heavy metals and pesticides, the two largest contributors to disease and disorder in the U.S. of A.




What is junk science? Who invests in it? Who is responsible for this insidious development? Mike Adams tells you exactly whom!

Why does the Biotech Industry and the late great healthcare scam of Obamacare want you addicted to junk food? How do they bioengineer aspartame and MSG to make you hungrier and make you gain weight? How can you become addicted to McDonald’s and Arby’s for life? How are GMO potato chips and HFCS, (high fructose corn syrup) subsidized by the Government and why would they subsidized sickness? These questions are all answered and more at Natural News here.

Over 250 million Americans are addicted to FOOD DRUGS and suffering health consequences right now. Tap into natural news and find out the truth about FOOD DRUGS! Get clean!

Poll shows that Americans now agree that sugar, alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044395_sugar_alcohol_marijuana.html#ixzz2wtEXIWLb


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