Is your ego getting the best of your diet and holding you back?

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You see guys trying to build their muscles walking out of GNC and vitamin shops, carrying huge containers of “whey protein” and “soy protein” for faster, bigger muscles! Go, ego! You see women everywhere drinking diet drinks because they are sold on them, by magazines on every shelf at every grocery and drug store media aisle and at the checkout counters, yet artificial sweeteners have been shown to make people GAIN weight. Go, ego! Your ego has been convinced that there’s an easy way to accomplish everything you ever wanted. Yes, advertising sells to your ego, not you. The “all new” Chevrolet or Ford truck has extra power and hauling strength! Some new multivitamin made by some filthy rich pharmaceutical corporation is going to “fortify” your blood and make you immune to the impending world of disease. There goes the ego again, trying to alter reality and find miracle solutions to anything your wallet or purse can justify at the time.

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Did you fall for the “whole grains” scam? Most whole grains are GMO (pesticide-laden) and cause inflammation. Did you fall for the aspirin or ibuprofen scam? Your liver doesn’t like your ego, my friend. Are you Houdini? You seem to be trying to escape from some inescapable situation by convincing yourself that the liars aren’t telling lies. Everything you see on television that’s sponsored by drugs and Big Food (the processed food industry) causes health detriment. Every single aisle in conventional grocery stores and supermarkets contains products loaded with additives, preservatives and fungus and mold killers that suffocate your cells and lead to cancer. If your ego is too big to face that reality, it will be broken down FOR YOU when your doctor diagnoses you with MCD, “Mutated Cell Disorder.”

Do you have MCD? Cure it with organic fruits and vegetables
Only about 10% of Americans believe that the human body does not need vaccines to fight off disease and infection. The rest are running on blind faith in the modern medical-industrial complex. 90% of Americans are struggling with their internal voices which tell them that the great old USA would never intentionally pollute their blood with chemicals that cause cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, polio, mercury poisoning, heart disease, AIDS, hepatitis B and more. The history books in all elementary schools, middle schools and high schools tell the story of Europeans coming to America to establish a great country full of pride and human rights. Those rights are eroding by the day, and what was once carved in stone is now wiped off like chalk!

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