Chili’s pulls plug on event to help autistic children due to pressure from “mafia-like” vaccine industry

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Is this the “Godfather?” Are we watching an episode of the Sopranos, where Tony and his thugn’ guys kick some small business owners around and take their money and tell them to shut up or else? It’s all about intimidation, and the vaccine industry, which has its own court, doesn’t really play by any rules at all – much less letting Chili’s help people MAKE THE CONNECTION between vaccines and autism. You see, if you have an entire event or special day dedicated to something that makes perfect sense, then the mainstream media and even local media that support that crap news,, well then you are attacked, and your ‘character’ or your restaurant’s reputation is blasted, and the cause of the event covered up. You are “covered up.” Your science based testimony is never heard. You must believe in pseudo-science and Western medicine quack science, that’s based on chemical injections and chemicals to follow surgery. GMO everything, right? Heck – put the pesticide and insecticide that’s in the vegetable oils in there and see what happens … why not, you already have MSG, formaldehyde, and a fancy name for mercury – thimerosal.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Forensic Food Scientist shares his thoughts on how anyone who is “anti-mercury” magically becomes “anti-science” in the world of mass media and mass (mainstream) lies:

I’ve even been accused of being “anti-science” even though I run a scientific laboratory using atomic spectroscopy equipment to research food safety! In reality, I’m one of the most “scientific” activists in the country, yet because I express concern of the safety of mercury in vaccines, I too am immediately and viciously branded “anti-science.” Anyone who is anti-mercury, it turns out, is automatically labeled “anti-science.”

If someone truly has science on their side, they don’t need to resort to oppression, negative P.R. campaigns, organized trolling on social media, nasty backlash campaigns against Chili’s and other similar nonsense. The fact that the vaccine pushers have resorted to these tactics is practically an admission that they have failed and have nothing left to offer except intimidation.

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