The Natural News Tracker reflects on the winter of 2014 and so much learned!


I’ve learned a lot this past winter thanks to Natural News and my pursuit of real research regarding chemicals in foods. I learned that most prepared food bars have salads chalk full of canola oil, and that even organic canola oil isn’t good for you. I learned about heavy metal toxins in cereals, certain health shakes like protein shakes.

I learned that organic foods from China might as well be from the sewers of New York City, with all the industrial waste and chemical pollution that invades those foods and products in general.

I learned about Supplement SCAMS! Yep.

I learned from doctors about how nearly all edible oils create disease and disorder in the body, except for coconut oil and organic olive oil.

I learned the Monsanto will do anything to have total immunity from lawsuits that arise from their pesticide food they feed the masses. I know that Monsanto has grown because Obama puts their leaders in charge of the FDA, USDA, CDC and more.

I am so grateful for what I know about organic food. I have so much energy daily now thanks to juicing organic vegetables, mixing in superfoods into my smoothies regularly, and supplementing with tinctures we keep in the fridge! Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, thank you for being a pioneer in this charge for great health! What a model of success and an information warrior. A scientist who investigates poisons in foods. What a connection to have in this world of madness, with all these preventable diseases attacking one in every three people and killing half of them. That means preventable disease, diseases that YOU can PREVENT, are killing one in every six people. Talk about Russian roulette. That’s an insane statistic for something you have the choice NOT to entertain.

Great Choices and Great Health

The winter of 2014 was very interesting on many levels. It ushered in the spring, where we see the mass media royally screw up by NOT covering the Bundy Nevada Ranch “occupation” and theft of cattle by the Feds. This was a revolutionary STAND OFF between pro-constitution patriots and government bullies with automatic rifles, helicopters and snipers all backed up by a piece of paper about some federal mandate to save some turtles. We saw how this complete mass media blackout actually strengthened alternative media, natural news and infowars in the biggest way. This was monumental. How exciting to see real patriots stand up for the constitution and the whole thing went viral, bigger than any mass media propaganda could hope to accomplish with their hoaxes. Oh yes, we learned the NEW RULES OF ENGAGEMENT!! Take that George Orwell! The country “hill billies” are all smart and have great guns. They’re waiting in the hills for the Anti-government U.S. Government to try to invade again with their 1st amendment “area” signs:

The winter of 2014 ushered in some critical thinking about how politics spills into our food, in the form of food criminals and food agents that kill us quicker than they ever did. From Neotame to Whole Grains, we are all quickly learning what causes inflammation. From Gluten to GMO, we are quickly learning what causes confusion, depression and of course cancer.

I will not be a fool. I will not get sick from preventable disease. I will not self-incur disorder from eating toxic food, drinking toxic drink, and putting known carcinogens on my skin, my largest organ.

Yes I learned all of this, and put it together with politics, corporations, and other greedy businesses that don’t care about me, except as a statistic and health care bill. I won’t be those things. I have a choice. I have hundreds of choices I love making every day. The fun of life is that it keeps changing, evolving and getting better when we couple knowledge with nutrition. I am my own ultimate natural health enthusiast.

All U.S. soil is the 1st Amendment AREA!

You have the right to speak. Anything you say can and will help you in a court of law – as you record it on video and share it instantly with the world. No mass media could ever take that away again. It’s on. The infowar. That war that is stronger than any weapon at communicating who is in control. The people are in control of what they choose, and their own property, and their own health. Yes. They are. We learned that last week in Nevada, and the shots that we heard around the world we’re just videos, because no gun was ever even fired. Peace, intelligence and firepower made history, and the television news stations all made their biggest mistake ever trying to hide what took place.

BUSTED! – Watch the interview w/Judge Andrew Napolitano:
Why Is Harry Reid Been Silent About This?
Harry Reid’s Son & A Chinese Company With Big Solar Project?

No matter where you stand in the United States, your right to defend your own safety, your children and your health remain in tact. Have no doubts. Remember this: never look to the TV for real news, never look in newspapers for real health news, and always rely on your own research after you’ve looked in the right places. This is key.

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I have a Master’s degree in Education and a degree in Journalism and I love sharing what I find on line. The internet can reward you like a college degree. Follow the greatest nutritionists on the planet and find energy all day, every day for the rest of your life. Find natural immunity to the stuff TV and newspapers try to scare you with their propaganda. Food is medicine my friends. Certified organic food from organic soil watered with clean spring water. Life is full of surprises, changes, and things I plan WELL. Here are some more of my favorite research “engines:”

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NaturalNews launches citizen journalism program, invites writers to contribute articles for publication

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