You will be surprised to know the amount of arsenic and aluminum contamination in drinking tap water!

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According to Natural News, a groundbreaking study conducted in the United States on arsenic in drinking water has found something truly astounding: a mere 5 parts per billion (.005 ppm) of arsenic caused “reductions in Full Scale, Working Memory, Perceptual Reasoning and Verbal Comprehension scores” in children.
The research was led by Joseph Graziano, PhD, professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. It involved 272 children from three school districts in Maine. Graziano summarized the findings by explaining that “aspects of performance intelligence, particularly perceptual reasoning and working memory, are impacted by exposure to arsenic in drinking water.”
He goes on to say, “we also observed a steep drop in intelligence scores in the very low range of water arsenic concentrations.”
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Even though the EPA has a limit of 10 ppb of arsenic in drinking water, the FDA has no limit on arsenic in foods, superfoods or supplements.
Clearly, this area needs more research to answer questions like:
• What is the impact of arsenic in adult brain function? Does too much arsenic lower your IQ?
• How much total arsenic were these children actually drinking over a month or a year?
• What is the source of the arsenic in the well water? Is this arsenic coming from ancient rock, or is this an industrial contaminant that’s leaking into water aquifers?
• What is the combined effect of being exposed to low levels of arsenic, mercury and lead all at the same time?
• If only 5 ppb of arsenic caused these significant cognitive problems, then is there ANY safe level of arsenic to consume?
• Why won’t the USDA limit the level of arsenic found in certified organic foods?
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