A quarter of a million Gulf War veterans may have pesticide syndrome and have been sickened by anti-nerve gas pills


One thing is for sure in this world – if you eat pesticide, insecticide and herbicide, your brain and central nervous system get damaged, sometimes permanently. Once cleansing organs and the digestive tract cannot handle filtering poison from your blood anymore, the cancer cells take over and organs begin a gradual “shutting down” process. If you add in GMO food and pharmaceutical lab-made medications at that point, you basically smote hope for healing, in the short term and long term. People just don’t know, and now there is a study revealing that Gulf War veterans were exposed to pesticide and that’s the main part of this syndrome that’s been a mystery for nearly 15 years. And what are they eating now, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What are they feeding their brain and their heart, their cleansing organs? Do they know the value of organic, certified organic? Do they eat food from local farmers who don’t use pesticides? Are they consuming GMO fast food, or gluten, MSG, and Aspartame? These are all excitotoxins. Neurotoxins. Is their “doctor” telling them this? Do they smoke cigarettes – you know, those cancer sticks with 7,000 toxins including herbicide, pesticide, insecticide, bleach and ammonia? Are they taking chemical drugs for anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, nightmares – or are those just symptoms of the medication for the pesticide syndrome?

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Per Natural News and the report:
The RAC Committee is composed of scientific experts and veterans.

“The conclusions of the 2008 RAC report had a substantial impact on scientific and clinical thinking about Gulf War illness, as well as the public acceptance of this disorder,” said White. The earlier report documented several studies that found evidence linking the syndrome/illness to exposure to pesticides and pyridostigmine bromide, an element found in anti-nerve gas pills that were given to troops, in addition to other toxic sources.

“Studies published since 2008 continue to support the conclusion that Gulf War illness is causally related to chemical exposures in the combat theater,” White said of the latest report. “And many studies of the brain and central nervous system, using imaging, EEG and other objective measures of brain structure and function, add to the existing evidence that central nervous system dysfunction is a critical element in the disorder. Evidence also continues to point to immunological effects of Gulf War illness.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045154_Gulf_War_illness_toxic_chemicals_veterans.html#ixzz31smzTalk


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