Hello World! Food habits can determine who we are! In fact it can act as the guide to the spiritual life!

kid hikin

According to Natural News, food is spiritual. The variety and type of food we eat determines the kind of health we will have and our overall well-being as well. If you eat real food, raw food and organic raw food, it will fuel your love for life, your passion, your freedom.
What kind of food are you consuming, right now, or soon, next? What will you feed your organs? What will you feed your blood? Nutrients or poison for bugs and weeds? Will you feed your cells processed, refined sugar or herbal medicine from the mountain tops where the water is still pure?
For more information, log onto:

The mission of Natural News, of course, is to protect life: its sustainability, diversity and continuity. How they accomplish that is a combination of grassroots education, online activism, revenue fundraising and sheer authenticity through and through.

In the 10-minute “Awakenings” podcast, Mike Ranger speaks about the following:

• The spiritual calling that drives the Natural News mission.
• Why no one would ever pursue Natural News for purely economic or entrepreneurial reasons.
• How divine inspiration gives him the strength and courage to pursue the Natural News mission for the betterment of humankind.
• Why he doesn’t sacrifice his values, ethics and philosophies: their actions count for far more than just this life experience.
• Why his actions are guided by divine philosophies and inspiration rather than dark temptations like greed or power.
• How destroyers of life — GMO pushers, toxic vaccine pushers, mercury poisoners — are soulless creatures that lack ethics, values, morals and any belief in consciousness or divinity.
• Why our physical life is a temporary experience that tests our souls in a challenging realm of great deception.
• Life after death, “Proof of Heaven” and the story of neurosurgeon Eben Alexander.
• Understanding the testing ground: why Earth is a realm of extreme evil and deception.
• Why his core drive is the protection of life from poison and destruction.
• He holds life and consciousness as sacred (and worth protecting).

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044621_health_ranger_spiritual_path_divine_guidance.html
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the food consumption issue and more, one can easily log onto:

Also check out Sean David Cohen’s book called “Don’t Eat Cancer” – soon to be a documentary film. This reveals 100’s of chemicals in foods and personal care products that cause cancer and remove your human organic being, little by little. Be spiritual. Don’t eat cancer.
http://www.donationto.com/donteatcancer – What a great cause!


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