Vaccine flu shot still contains 25 micrograms mercury – meaning 25 parts per million, 100 times that of typical “mercury-loaded” fish

bad shot

Nobody asks the nurse for the box or the insert when they get a flu shot. At least I’ve never known anyone who said they did or do. Why not? We flip over food and beverage products all the time, to check for contaminants or stuff we’re allergic to. Millions of Americans are getting injected every year with 100 times the mercury they’re worried about in fish because they read about the salmon or tuna in some newspaper clip or saw a quick spot on the news about it.

Now remember, since most of the mercury in the food will be processed by your body with the food, you may only retain 10 percent of the toxic heavy metal. But when the nurse, who doesn’t offer you to look at the box or read the insert, jabs that needle into your upper arm and rubs it with a little cotton swab, when that nurse tries to help you avoid the flu, you’re actually getting something much, much MORE dangerous to your health. Mainstream media cannot and will not talk about this.

The Health Ranger Mike Adams uncovers this awful truth in the forensic food lab, where he tests everything from flu shots to chicken mcnuggets to wheaties metal flakes!
This is top notch research being shared for the millions who follow Natural News and spread the word. Thanks Mike for all you do, digging into research that protects us from the hidden nightmares that Big Pharma, Big Ag and the CDC try to put us through. All pregnant women take heed. This is alarming information about mercury in vaccines and what it can do to you and your baby. Dads to be … take heed. Families, tune into this news and read about what’s really going on at the Walmart, CVS and corner 24 flu shot outlets across America.

Check out the free special report on Hidden History of Medicine (disturbing facts)


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