“No toxic effect has ever been observed for GMOs” – read more about the latest Biotech bogus propaganda campaign


It’s easy for politicians to recall scientific studies that blow the whistle on their “poison foods” – all they do is take deals from corporate lobbyists that make them richer. They pay off medical journals to retract studies. They do their own and fake the results, skew them, or just lie. These are the studies accepted by the FDA as legitimate. You ask why, in such a great Nation as the US – why politics would ruin food like that, and invest in toxic medicine, why Congress doesn’t do something about it? You read it. You can’t believe it. How can they say no toxic effect has been observed for GMOs, when dozens of studies exist, short term and long term?

This is phenomenal research proving GMO are toxic for humans!

How can they get away with it all? Is the US Government so powerful that it can put pesticide, insecticide and herbicide INSIDE food and just keep raising the “limits” of tolerance for humans? What’s the limit? When does cancer come “too soon?” Millions of health enthusiasts would love to hear the answer to that question, so we boycott all things GMO, because it’s common sense and we don’t want to die of cancer or from a disease/virus/bacteria that is made in labs to kill bugs and weeds for agricultural profit.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/05/23/jackson-county-oregon-bans-gmos-in-another-victory-for-the-anti-science-left/

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