Mood is fed by food

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What is depression? What is anxiety? The DSM-5, the latest psychology manual and “bible” for treating these classifies them as disorders, and you need medication for disorders. Or do you?

One of the oldest sayings ever, “You are what you eat,” could be the answer and cure for what most psychiatrists diagnose as disorder or even disease. Anyone who regularly consumes fast food, gluten, aspartame, monosodium glutamate, sucralose, sorbitol and conventional meat and dairy knows what depression feels like. Anyone who regularly drinks tap water, gets flu shots and takes pharmaceutical medications regularly knows what anxiety feels like. But why is that? Are their bodies “consumed” by genetically altered and synthetic food agents? Are their moods destructively changed by consuming animals and animal by-products that come from torture chambers known as CAFOs across America? Supply is meeting demand, but is the demand for depression and anxiety fueling disorder, famine and death? GMO scientists are hard at work creating food agents and pesticides that wreck human central nervous systems and deplete immunity to next to nothing. Where do you stand? Are you too depressed to stand? Maybe you should lie down and read this. Heavy metal toxins may be running through your blood right now. Gluten is coagulated on the walls of your digestive and excretive tract. You must detoxify. How will you do that?

A study done in 2012, published in the journal Public Health Nutrition revealed that eating baked goods regularly can lead to depression:

More on toxic heavy metals in foods, even in some Superfoods and protein powders (sold by Whole Foods) from the Health Ranger in the Forensic Food Lab and in the news:

Grab your ipad, smartphone, nook or laptop and find a nice quiet space to sit and read the following. You may be able to end your “chemical love affair” with depression and anxiety by simply following the new rules of engagement for food, drinks, and personal care products. This will not cost you a dime. You can simply use the money you were going to use to buy food and skin care items that are GMO and switch to truly natural and edible care. Remember, your skin is your largest organ, so anything you put on your body that the skin can absorb means you are EATING those ingredients. And this goes straight into your blood, bypassing digestion and breathing filtration.

Mood is fed by food – begin the revelation revolution

Consider first that organic local food from a farmer’s market is better for you than even certified organic foods that are packaged and sold at most grocery stores and healthfood stores. Then consider that most organic drinks, including organic water, do not contain pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, BPA, or other people’s medications.

Now consider that if any ingredients in personal care products contain anything other than food and essential oils, they are most likely toxic to your blood, and they may also be locking in your sweat and your normal way of detoxifying via your pores in your skin. Keep this very simple. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

Most depression and anxiety comes from the central nervous system, the CNS, being off balance, disrupted by a chemical imbalance, and there is NO WAY that more chemicals can set this right. We are organic as human beings and we must consume organic food to “feel normal” and also to be motivated, positive, creative and deep thinkers all the while.

Consuming toxins daily and the cumulative effect

If you consume toxins daily, with every meal and every snack, with every drink and every time you perspire, then you may find yourself at the doctor or hospital, thinking there’s no light at the end of the bad health “tunnel.” The cumulative effect is called preventable disease, and all the top killers so popular in America start with anxiety, uneasiness, imbalance, depression and a void of nutrition. Genetically modified food and synthetic ingredients have led to a wave of detrimental health consequences, and cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and strokes are have their own “building process.” What are you building right now? Immunity? What about good gut flora? Mood is fed by food. Organic food is the path to happiness, stability, sustainability, creativity, enlightenment and progress for you.

Sustainable Agriculture – the only way to live free of toxins

Check out the “Champions of Sustainability”

Sustainable Agriculture research published:

Beware of the GMA – Grocery Manufacturers Association – they want to keep GMOs unlabeled! GMOs fuel depression and anxiety.

Join the “Clean Food Movement”


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