Under-estimating cancer – an American phenomenon of detrimental proportions

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People in general are UNDER-ESTIMATING the power of processed, chemical-laden foods, chemical-laden drinks and chemical-laden personal care products to mutate their cells and give them cancer, early in life too.

Cancer survives ONLY in an acidic environment, meaning inside your body and blood and tissues. Cancer dies when your cells get oxygen and can breathe. What gives your cells oxygen? Kale and hemp seed oil, for starters. Organic spinach, organic chards and aloe. What deprives your cells of oxygen? Sodium benzoate, canola oil and GMO pesticide-laden corn, soy and sugar beets (MSG) choke your mitachondria and mutate your genes. Common chemicals in personal care products and cosmetics cause cancer, like phthalates, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate. There’s lead in lipstick and arsenic in conventional chicken. There are hormones in milk and MSG in vaccines. Is it too overwhelming for you too keep up? You know what’s TOO overwhelming – chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and BAD advice. Western Medicine is full of bad advice. It’s how the medical industrial complex stays in business.

Did you know that less than 100 years ago in America, there was rarely a case of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, strokes, heart attacks, osteoporosis or Fibromyalgia. In fact, doctors were having trouble making money, and then came processed food and pharmaceuticals. Then came toxic vaccines and fluoridated water. In came psych meds for normal emotional issues and insane medications for ADHD and other overblown examples of kids with high energy and short attention span. Try critical thinking and organic food and 99% of kids with ADHD would be just fine! Allergies and disorders just go away when you eat mostly organic food. All of these snack chips and sodas and gelatin-based candies should be a once in a blue-moon kind of thing, not daily and multi-daily habits and staple food. Pizza pockets are the devil! Sweet rolls are the devil. Biotech wants your kids sick, like you, so the doctors that have stock in the cancer and sick care industries will get richer. They have no ethics. Don’t be naive about all this.

Junk science is DESIGNED to hook your kids on refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and monosodium glutamate – MSG.

Check out the book, “Don’t Eat Cancer” today or support the independent film production – a documentary based on the book. Links are below:

Modern Day Cancer Prevention as Health Basics 101:

Here’s the trailer to the documentary film in production now:


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