Illegal immigrant rams his truck into the Health Ranger’s at red light in Texas – find out how this is the epitome of a National tragedy

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Guess how Obama pulled off the election last time when it looked like Romney had the lead after the first debate? Obama promised gifts for all the lazy, the poor and yes, the illegal immigrants. “Diplomatic Immunity!” All people who vote democratic now or in the near future are guaranteeing that catering to these issues will continue, as the weak get weaker, the middle class erodes and disintegrates, and the upper class 1% give away American taxpayers’ livelihood to get those votes.

Why does Obama give illegal aliens immunity to laws and regulations? Votes. There’s no concern for our safety, and the person who fell asleep at the wheel and rammed into the Health Ranger’s truck from behind was breaking the law and will get away with it. With no money or insurance, but the ability to vote, illegal immigrants are breaking our backs and wallets. We Americans, tax-paying law abiding citizens are all at risk, and this is just the ultimate example of border security almost non-existent. Border security, in the eyes of the Obama Administration, would mean spending money, not making money. Border security for Democrats makes “no sense.” Keeping the people weak and in need of handouts – that they get quite easily I might add – is the new American system. It’s the New World Order that Bush Sr. never even thought up.

Here’s the Health Ranger writing after “Juan” wrecked into his vehicle:
No insurance, no money, no surprise: This kid, who really is named Juan (I’ll keep his last name private), of course had no insurance. The truck belonged to his brother, and his brother didn’t have insurance either. They both worked in construction and were paid cash on a daily basis, completely outside the salary and tax system.

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