Natural News Tracker: Organic Foods and Superfoods most important investigations of 2014!


One way to keep up with the bloggers and investigate your own health every day is to read the reactions to articles on Natural Health News. How does daily healthy news change your life? It keeps you informed of current events and how they play into your food regimen, or your vacation, your land, the runoff that gets to your land, or even politics that spill over into our lives. Organic foods and Superfoods must be investigated also, but the FDA and USDA do not put limits on toxic heavy metals in foods nor is it even part of the “certified organic” process of approval. Unbelievable. You now have the tools in your hands to investigate your own health even when it comes to the organic food you consume. Here are the best resources available. So much thanks to the Health Ranger Mike Adams for sharing FOR FREE so much knowledge about food and FOOD TOXINS! – the way it should be investigated by the FDA!

This is such valuable information about the Big Picture. Natural News health enthusiasts are always following the best research. Check out the Forensic Food Lab and Consumer Wellness Center and the Health Ranger’s hard work – for public food safety and the right to know what’s in OUR food.

Natural News 2014 – Lab Results and Press Releases to remember!
stop gmo

Popular breakfast cereals found to contain low levels of toxic heavy metals: study

Whole Foods Naturally Retain Toxic Metals During Digestion, Discovers Consumer Wellness Center Lab Director Mike Adams

mental clarity (2)

Natural News Now Publishing Heavy Metals Lab Results for Grocery Products, Organic Foods and Superfoods


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