Can the CDC in Connecticut grab any “Ebola” suspects and force-vaccinate them in quarantine with their patented version of Ebola?

tyranny in america now (2)

What the heck is going on in our country that Big Government and its regulatory agencies keep usurping control over local authorities in US states? Do the sheriffs or the people have any say anymore? What happened to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Are they resting in peace?

Can Obama and his stooges just come capture your child because she’s sneezing or throwing up with a slight fever? Can they come take your little boy and quarantine him where there are perverted doctors and TSA guards while giving him any medication or vaccination they deem as safe. What if they’re wrong and it’s just the flu? Do you get your child back, or is that up to the vaccine courts and FEMA? Maybe that call is made by CPS, since you parents “let” them get sick in the first place!

Natural News is reporting an obstruction of the Constitution in Connecticut:

“The AP went on to report that Mullen does not believe anyone in her state is either infected or even at risk of infection — which makes the issuance of the order by Malloy even more puzzling. Is the state merely trying to get ahead of the virus, or is this going to be a trend among governors and health officials in more states — to usurp constitutional protections using the virus as a tool?

News of Connecticut’s order comes on the heels of the death of Thomas Duncan, the United States’ first Ebola patient, at a hospital in Dallas; there, health officials have quarantined his family and say they are keeping an eye on dozens more who may eventually have to be quarantined as well if they begin showing signs of infection.”

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