Could Democrats be “taking out” their OWN VOTERS with mishandling of deadly EBOLA?!


Ooops. The CDC totally forgot to tell Obama that by being completely negligent about the spread of Ebola in America he is gonna take out his own followers, who are the difference in the next election regarding whether a “changing of the guards” means Republicans running the country, politics, and the fake wars.

Ooops. The CDC and Obama have all these “agendas” that somehow relate to NOT containing the Ebola pandemic, like no air travel restrictions, self-quarantines for those suspected of having Ebola, and no border security on the southwest side of the United States of America.

Ooooooops. The CDC and Obama could be propagating a pandemic that cuts the bottom out of their power base and cripples their “foundation of tyranny” and Biotech/BigPharma/FDA/Wall Street evil empire.

Maybe, just maybe, they hadn’t thought of this, because they TOO consume GMO, drink fluoridated water and get toxic flu shots!

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony, that they take themselves out of power with their flagrant actions, staged “phenomenon” and total lack of common sense …

Natural News coverage is being tracked by the Natural News Tracker daily. Here’s a report from Mike Adams the Editor in Chief:

“… Ebola is a far greater threat to Democrats than Republicans. From an epidemiological standpoint, the virus is likely to cause more fatalities in urban areas than rural areas. And as we’ve already established, urban areas tend to be disproportionately Democratic.”

Learn more:


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