What do Wikipedia, ABC News, Forbes.com and Biotech have in common? – A Journalist and shill who abuses his wife, child and the reputation of Natural Health News

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What if you found out today that Wikipedia was full of lies? What about Forbes.com? Would you believe it? If you found this out today, that liars and shills write for these sources of so called reliable information, wouldn’t you in fact have to go back and review everything else you learned from them? Is this what’s scripted on TV and in the popular magazines, and is this why there’s “no cure for cancer?” Maybe you’ve been reading the New York Times and watching ABC News too often. Maybe it’s time to completely change where you get your most valuable information.

Should you believe that GMO is safe, when there are paid writers to defame Natural News and organic food? Should you believe that certain herbicides and insecticides found inside GM food cause cancer, now, since you can read about the propagators of Biotech (Bug and Weed killer food) who physically and psychologically traumatize their wife and daughter, as revealed in court documents? What if you found out today that major sources of information about what matters to your health are revealed as complete frauds?

Forbes.com contributing writer Jon Entine, long known as a biotech shill and pesticide apologist, committed physical violence against his wife and psychologically traumatized his own daughter, according to court documents now revealed in this comprehensive, five-part investigative article by Natural News.


Jon Entine’s wife pleaded with the Ohio courts to issue a restraining order against Entine to protect herself and her daughter from physical injury. She also recorded, under oath, that Jon Entine violently attacked her, gouged her eye, choked her and shoved her. In additional court documents, Entine’s wife described him as “irrational and unpredictable” … “exceedingly hostile and belligerent” … and explained that Jon Entine’s “mental health has deteriorated…” Learn more:

http://www.naturalnews.com/047668_Jon_Entine_biotech_front_man_corporate_propaganda.html#ixzz3JKcpBsWz http://www.naturalnews.com/047665_Jon_Entine_domestic_violence_Forbes.html#ixzz3JKbYFig9



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