What is “Biotech Violence” and “Agricultural Violence” and why are so many bloggers talking about it on Health News blog sites?


Recently, on Natural News.com, a series of articles was published about the life and turning events of a man named Jon Entine, who writes for Forbes.com and used to be a producer of ABC News. This guy has been hired over the years by various Biotech firms to write opinion pieces that sound like facts, about science, health, and herbicide safety. These documents, books, editorials and defamatory jabs at other people and organizations were taken by the public as objective coverage or professional reviews and were likely “digested” as fact. This affected thousands of people’s opinions of dangerous foods called GMO that kill insects, weeds, crop pests, and most likely are causing cancer in animals, including humans.

Whether a human being is poison quickly into death or slowly, it doesn’t matter in regards of the definition of violence, because it’s still violence. If a person is poisoned with information that leads to actual disease, disorder, and other health detriment, then that person was manipulated by a violent person. Also, if a family member is abused by a person, whether physically or psychologically, that person is considered abused – it doesn’t matter if it happened once a year or 50 times a year. It doesn’t matter if abuse happens once or slowly and slightly over a long period of time, like decades – it’s still abuse. And abuse IS violent. It is the destruction of another person’s right to enjoy their life and not be harassed, manipulated, hurt and sometimes permanently injured. Herein lies the connection to defining biotech violence and agricultural violence.

A phony journalist named Jon Entine engages violence at work and at home

Some people believe “sound science” means that anything a scientist produces or supports with research is a good thing and helps humanity and the planet. They believe that even corporations, like gas and oil corporations, or vaccine manufacturers, are always working in the people’s best interest, and in the environment’s best interest. Many people with science backgrounds have NO IDEA that modern science in regards to agriculture usually means that men in lab coats are inserting the genes of organisms that kill bugs into the most common vegetables eaten by Americans. These same people believe that it’s only “conspiracy” to think that the government makes money from this kind of “science” and that the regulatory agencies like the FDA, EPA, and USDA would certainly protect them, like the Founding Fathers would, right?

Most Americans think congress people are good people, who took their jobs to help the masses live in freedom from tyranny, scams and toxic food and medicine. Most people would NEVER believe that certain producers, writers and phony journalists are hired by the government and evil corporations to promote toxic food, toxic medicine, and to discredit everything natural that cures disease, prevents disease, and promotes sustainability. Now comes a pertinent discussion on sustainability vs. abuse:


Bloggers are going WILD this week, talking about how liars and lies have besieged the organic food industry, claiming GMOs are no different, promoting the science of GMOs, providing fake research that GMOs are safe, and promoting all of this in major media outlets that people trust for objective reporting, like Forbes.com, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News, CNN, and more. You can lump in Web MD, Wikipedia, Syngenta, Monsanto, and other huge corporate/government run entities.


Search engines reveal that this epitome of abuse is centered around Jon Entine, a man whose nasty divorce and phony journalism is all exposed on line, proving that the mouthpieces of Biotech and Big Ag (Agriculture) and Big Food are corrupt with these high level “players” who say anything for a good paycheck. Entine writes defamatory articles that seem like news and educational updates but are really just abusive and violent, like his private life. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Forensic Food Scientist who protects the public’s interest in healthy food, organic food, organic supplements and more, has exposed this GMO Front Man who may have just been their best liar to date. He presents his distortions and defamations like fact, like the evening news, and he has been caught red-handed on several counts. This is going viral. There’s lots more to read on this. Once you understand this, you understand that toxic food is violent. It abuses your body and creates chaos and infection. Toxic medicine makes things worse. Pharmaceuticals cover symptoms of disorder caused by genetically modified (pesticide) food. Humans are not pests and do not deserve to be abused violently by toxic agriculture. The environment is not sustainable with all of these toxic herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides that people like Jon Entine promote.

Here’s coverage from Natural News and the Natural News Tracker:

“Forbes.com contributing writer Jon Entine, long known as a biotech shill and pesticide apologist, committed physical violence against his wife and psychologically traumatized his own daughter, according to court documents now revealed in this comprehensive, five-part investigative article by Natural News. The documents, shown below, reveal how his wife pleaded for court protection against domestic violence and child abuse and sought a restraining order against Entine to halt Jon Entine from “physically, verbally and / or psychologically abusing, annoying, harassing or injuring” herself or their young female daughter.” http://www.naturalnews.com/047665_Jon_Entine_domestic_violence_Forbes.html


“Jon Entine is a corporate propagandist and pseudo-journalist who utilizes his media savvy to promote the opinions and positions of chemical corporations, by posing as an independent journalist. Entine has multiple, documented ties to biotech companies Monsanto and Syngenta, and plays a key propaganda role via another industry front group known as the American Council on Science and Health.” http://truthwiki.org/Jon_Entine


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