3-D Printers for $1,000 make gun parts, tools, and ornaments at your home! Home-Technology will change DRASTICALLY in next 2 – 3 years

plastic gun

How could it be? Won’t the Obama Administration step in and patent and deny? How can you make tools for weapons at home with a printer? That’s like a welder making a rifle, right? Are people preparing for another Revolution? You bet they are. Forget about liquid televisions for a minute and jacuzzi tubs, you could be “swimming” in self reliance for under $2,000, making food, cleansing water, making tools for your garden and house fixups, and even parts for your car. How? The Health Ranger Mike Adams is doing it, and he’s about to release a patented invention that does ALL of the above, over and over and over at your home. How will you keep up with the news and the release? You keep up with the Natural News Tracker, who provides the best research links and professional blog articles on Natural Health News, the Natural News Network.

This just in from Natural Health News and Mike Adams the Health Ranger:

Dremel releases consumer-level 3D printer for just under $1000

The Dremel company has just released a consumer-friendly 3D printer that brings this technology closer to becoming a common household appliance. It’s called the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, and while I’ve never used this myself, it looks really simple and easy to operate. The object build dimensions are limited to 9″ x 6″ x 5.5″, but that’s plenty for many objects you’ll need around the home or office. (Amazon.com even sells this new 3D printer, by the way.) Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047773_3D_printing_grassroots_technology_democracy.html#ixzz3K02gIZQf


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