The Solution that Ends Cigarette Addiction – Omega 3 Fatty Acids Uptake

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In the largest city of northern Israel, the University of Haifa has shared their concluded research showing that omega-3 supplementation significantly reduces nicotine craving, not to mention the number of cigarettes a person smokes on any given day. The study was conducted by the head of the school of criminology department’s addiction program, and the conclusions were published just last month by the University.

You see, the CDC doesn’t teach smokers about nutrition. They never have.

The FDA doesn’t teach people about nutrition, not the smokers or the drug addicts, not the diet soda drinkers or the obese or diabetics. They never have.

Television shows and the news lie about food and it’s benefits, so you won’t turn to organic food for medicine. The advertisers keep you in the dark. They always have.

You have to fend for yourself. Natural News Health enthusiasts always do. We also look out for each other. Smokers need help quitting. Cold turkey by yourself is very difficult, but quitting cigarettes doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be fun, rewarding, exciting and full of self-empowerment!

Remember, knowledge is power, and if you knew the WAY to quit smoking and you already have the willpower, well then, you’re on YOUR way!

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