Natural News Tracker and 14AndOut Interviews the Stop Smoking King for Natural News Fans – December 24th, 2015

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Interview transcribed as Q&A begins here:

Natural News Tracker: How many smokers are there in the United States?

Stop Smoking King: Over 45 million, half are male and half are female.

Natural News Tracker: What’s the secret to quitting smoking?

Stop Smoking King: Nutrition.

Natural News Tracker: Why don’t people know this? I mean, all the smokers?

Stop Smoking King: Nobody knows. It’s like a big secret or something. Hardly a cessation program available has anything at all to offer along the lines of nutrition, and when they do, they still steer you wrong, non-organic or diet stuff, which just causes more chaos and the eventual return back to cigs (cigarettes).

Natural News Tracker: What’s the first step someone should take to learn how to quit?

Stop Smoking King: Ask yourself why you smoke.

Natural News Tracker: Then what?

Stop Smoking King: Ask yourself why you can’t quit.

Natural News Tracker: Oh, you are good!

Stop Smoking King: Once you realize that you have the will to quit, but don’t know the way, you step up to the plate with your new “custom-made” bat and you hit a homerun. You check out the natural method, which involves no medication, just behavior modification and nutrition via whole organic raw foods, herbal tinctures and Superfoods. And don’t forget about filtered water.

Natural News Tracker: And how does a smoker find you and your natural method to quitting smoking? Your invention that’s taught on video and in a book and blogs?

Stop Smoking King: Here you go:


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