Armed Showdown Dec. 31st over Bryce Canyon, Utah between State and Feds? Doubtful.

Image: An armed man stands watch as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada

Remember the Bundy Ranch showdown last year (April) with the feds who stole cattle and rounded them up for auction? Some of the cattle died and the feds got outnumbered and outgunned on land they only control but DO NOT OWN.

What will happen in a few days in Utah when the fed’s agreement comes to a head? They aren’t taking care of the millions of acres they say they do and they aren’t helping the schools much, per the agreement over a century ago.

This impending showdown in Utah will set a HUGE precedent affecting future disputes between states and federal land grabs.


Time’s up feds! December 31st is when the clock runs out for the fed’s land grab, control and abuse of more than half of the state of Utah. Time to turn over the land – according to the “Transfer of Public Lands Act”

After all, Feds control half of the western US. This debate will reach a new level for 2015. It may get to become a Supreme Court decision, but who can even trust them, after the Bush election and many of them being former Monsanto VPs or Biotech sellouts/representatives. To most politicians, land represents nothing more than money and control, including fracking, oil digs, and growing cancer food like GMO corn and soy. Plus the feds want the mineral resources, of course, which brings in about $330 million, or $50 million more than the cost of management. And there’s the rub.

Here’s a quote from the full report on Natural Health News: Under increasing federal control, access is being restricted. The health of the land is diminishing horribly. And the productivity is depressed. This is the only way to get better access, better health and better productivity.

Educational infrastructure in Utah is in dire need of help/funds Green activists worry that state control will lead to expanded gas and oil development in wild areas, while the legislation’s defenders are promising that won’t be the case. Yeah, right. Learn more:


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