The new iPhone app Fooducate will help you identify GMO, MSG, gluten and more!

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According to Natural News, one in three Americans get cancer at some point in their lifetime and only half of those survive. What’s the cure? The cure lives in its prevention. When you stop consuming chemicals, cancer has no fuel and it dies. It’s that simple. Don’t make it complicated. Stop eating chemicals. Stop drinking chemicals. Stop putting chemicals on your skin. Two identification methods are easy to find and utilize, and we don’t have to be an “expert” in chemical-food warfare. We can just scan the barcodes of any food products we are considering buying or that we have questions about using a FREE smart phone app called Fooducate that identifies GMO, MSG, gluten, toxic pesticides, toxic additives and preservatives, and even rates food so you can be a good judge of quality!

Fooducate automatically grades foods and beverage on a scale from A to D. There are 10 distinct grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+ and D.

Fooducate’s algorithm is based on information that is publicly available on a product’s package: the nutrition facts panel and the ingredient list. They do not receive any additional information from manufacturers.

The algorithm rewards minimally processed, nutrient-dense foods with the highest grades. This means that real foods with actual nutrients will score better than processed foods that are poor in built-in nutrients and use fortification as a means to appear healthy.

Nutrients – Fooducate’s algorithms add points for nutrients to encourage such as fiber, calcium and iron. The algorithms detract points for nutrients that some seek to limit such as saturated fat, sodium and sugar.

Ingredients – The ingredient list is very important, as it tells the story behind the nutrients. Imagine a piece of cardboard that was sprayed with 11 vitamins and minerals, then peppered with “natural” flavors, coated with an artificial sweetener, and colored with Red #40 (a controversial artificial food dye). Under some rating systems, this product would actually score very well due to its low calorie count and multitude of nutrients.

This type of product does not fly at Fooducate. They look for real ingredients that have many more beneficial nutrients to offer than the 5 or 10 a manufacturer may add to a product.

A product’s category also influences its score. Each product that is added to our database is categorized. Categories can be breakfast cereal, yogurt, bread, snacks, etc… In each category, they look at the most relevant nutrients and ingredients and give them more weight compared to others. For example – fiber is a very important nutrient in breads and cereals, but really not to be expected in yogurt.

Some categories can span the entire range of grades from D to A. Others span a smaller range – for example, fruits can rate between a B+ to an A, sweetened carbonated soft drinks from D to C- at most, and popcorn from a C to an A-.

The new iPhone app Fooducate will help you identify GMO, MSG, gluten, toxic pesticides, toxic additives and preservative components of your food!

Processing – Products that go through heavy processing rate lower than products that you could probably prepare at home with household ingredients. For example – a snack bar with just dates and nuts will score higher than a bar with 30 ingredients, many of which are not found in peoples’ kitchens. We can impute the level of processing by analyzing the product ingredient list.

Fortification – Adding ascorbic acid (lab made vitamin C) to a product to reach 100% of the daily value of vitamin C does not make the product “nutritious” by our algorithms. Conversely, a red bell pepper that naturally contains high levels of vitamin C will rate high.

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Also, a wonderful book called Don’t Eat Cancer – printed in English, but now being published in Chinese – is on the shelves as paperback and e-books, and explains in laymen’s terms what food ingredients cause cancer to develop in our bodies. This includes major food choices like gluten, tap water, diet foods and more. It’s Health Basics 101, but it’s written by a food expert. Get the book and also the free iPhone app Fooducate and get with the organic food program. It’s time you swallowed the truth about food.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about how Fooducate will help you identify GMO, MSG, gluten, toxic pesticides, toxic additives and preservative components of your food, one can easily log onto:


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