Positive thinking defies gravity, but regret weighs a ton – which will YOU engage from now on?

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fall leaves

Go into every moment with confidence that your positive thinking will yield positive results, and watch what happens. Interact with what comes from defying gravity, and forget about what weighs a ton, and it drops away, just like THAT! Let it go. Regret weighs a ton, but you know what’s light? Light.

Brighten your smile, your attitude, and eat whole, organic food. Organic food and filtered water are key to your longevity, because the reduce and eliminate stress. You want to walk into every moment with THAT confidence. Never second guess quality fuel, and your “production” will be of the highest quality. Value positive thinking as if it were food itself. It’s food for thought. Do not underestimate your food for thought, in every moment, as you live “in the now” – aware of and enjoying every second. There is no stress here. Thinking positively constantly defies gravity, it is…

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