Filtering toxins from your day, from your first waking moment to going to sleep!


Start by arising from your bed and thanking God for your life, health, and ability to make smart decisions. Thank the planet for your existence. Now drink some spring water, maybe with lemon. Remember, the first thing you consume is feeding your organs what they want. Your body will want to detoxify any leftovers from yesterday so your first pee will contain those mostly. Next thing you do is brush your teeth so use organic toothpaste, maybe with baking soda.

Next you can stretch your muscles a little and you may exercise. You may have to prepare your smoothie of organic fruit, coconut oil, aloe, maca and raw organic almonds. This smoothie may contain organic coconut water. Frozen organic pineapples are a great mix in along with your greens, like organic kale or organic spinach.

Don’t Eat Cancer

dont eat cancer main slider

Be sure not to use conventional milk or tap water, ever. These can contain pathogens and drugs that require your body to do hard work. Never “eat cancer” with your perfect food and beverages.

Next, attitude is everything. Foster positive, organic attitude, meaning no additives, no pretentiousness, always mean what you say and follow your dreams. Your love of life should come out in your work, or you are doing the wrong thing. Change immediately. Use your savings, if you have any, to pursue your dream. This will reward you instantly with motivation and self-esteem.


If you smoke cigarettes and want to quit – here’s how!

The Natural Method works in 14 days or less:


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