Detox is not a buzzword!


There’s a trend in America where people kind of “binge and purge” and “binge and purge” – and we don’t mean actually vomiting up food here but it’s a metaphor for a lifestyle that is not rewarding health wise, but rather damaging and concerning in the health and wellness community. Many raw foodists will tell you that you can’t simply binge on some gluten, MSG, aspartame, bleached food, fluoridated water, soda and alcohol, like most people just did during the SuperBowl weekend, and then take some detoxifying herbal supplements and expect to feel great. You can’t simply pull the drain in a day and get rid of all the hurt people put on themselves by binging on junk food that can remain in your system for days and weeks at a time. One big fast food meal can do enough damage to the body to leave you reeling for a week. Get some raw meat bacteria or too many hormones from that CAFO burger or that CAFO chicken sandwich and you have major issues. Eat alot of aspartame on an empty stomach, like diet coke or pepsi, and your head will spin and your nervous system will be shot for quite awhile. Some people actually go into shock and experience neurological disorders for life from consuming artificial sweeteners in large doses without food. You can’t “detox” neurological disorders. It’s hard to just detox depression that’s caused by bad food and medicine choices that have occurred over extended periods of time. Americans punish themselves repeatedly trying to satisfy hunger urges based on “sweet tooth” or need for high sodium content (like MSG or soy protein).

girl stomach ache

You deserve better. Get on a consistent food regimen of organic fruits, organic vegetables, nuts and seeds, herbal supplements, aloe, Vitamin D, and lots of Vitamin C.

Read these excerpts from a Natural News writer who has summed up the major problem with junk science addictions that affect 2 out of every 3 Americans:

“With today’s typical modern lifestyle, toxins are accumulating in the body at a greater rate than the body can expel them.”

“Disease has one cause: cellular malfunction. There are two causes for cellular malfunctions: lack of nutrition and too much toxicity.”


“Produce detoxifies the body. This is especially true when it’s organic and raw. The trick is to eat a lot of it, to eat a wide variety, and to eat more vegetables than fruit.”

Now, check out Michael Edwards on Natural News, he has more to say on this:

“For many years, longer than we’ve eaten any other way, humans foraged for vegetables growing out of the ground. We would walk, all day, see an edible food, eat it, walk some more.” Learn more:

Don’t eat CAFO burgers or chickens!


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