Essential Vocabulary for the Police State we now live in ….. A Natural News Exclusive!

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Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Then learn these terms now:

Medical kidnapping – When hospitals kidnap children for profit by naming a diagnosis that demands an expensive course of treatment. If the parents ask for a second medical opinion or refuse to go along with the recommended treatment, doctors call law enforcement and Child Protective Services to seize custody of the child and threaten the parents with arrest if they interfere. The increasing frequency of medical kidnappings in America has given rise to the website

Gag order – When hospitals kidnap children for profit, the local courts are often used to issue gag orders that attempt to prevent the parents from talking to the press. This accomplishes the goal of preventing the public from hearing the truth about medical kidnappings.

Shaken Baby Syndrome – The diagnosis often assigned to a baby damaged by vaccines. Because the medical establishment can never blame vaccines for anything, all the damage they cause must be blamed on the parents. Shaken Baby Syndrome is frequently invoked to accomplish exactly that. This does not mean that there aren’t also genuine cases of parents shaking babies to the point of harm, only that the diagnosis is simultaneously used to blame some parents for damage caused by vaccines.

Vaccine violence – Refers to the biological violence committed against children by vaccine manufacturers who have been repeatedly caught committing scientific fraud, faking vaccine results, running vaccine experiments on children in third world nations and much more.

Medical Abuse – A term used by doctors to silence parents who ask too many medical questions such as, “Do flu shots still contain mercury?” (Yes, they do.) Under the medical police state in America today, doctors have become intolerant medical enforcers who can call for parents to be arrested while their children are seized by state authorities. The mere invocation of “medical abuse” is all that’s necessary, even if it is entirely fabricated. Under a medical police state, parents are required to OBEY, not question.

Medical fascism – A system of medicine dominated by collusion between corporations and the state. Mirrors political fascism which is the merging of corporations and the state for the purpose of exerting totalitarian control over the population. Medical fascism is now the de facto state of medicine in America today. Under medical fascism, medical kidnappings are condoned by the state and also corporate-funded trolls and corrupt industry “scientists.” See the list of medical kidnappings happening in America.

Chemical child abuse – Describes the reality of the rampant abuse of children by the medical and pharmaceutical industries, both of which see children as profit centers rather than conscious individual beings. Big Pharma exploits children to profit from psychiatric drugs and the mass-medication of children with mind-altering chemicals. The vaccine industry profits by releasing vaccines that fail to protect against outbreaks, then blaming the outbreaks on the lack of vaccines.

Vaccine voodoo science – Describes the delusional groupthink upon which modern-day vaccine propaganda is based. In vaccine voodoo science, all evidence that vaccines don’t work or might cause harm is automatically censored. All whistleblowers from within the vaccine industry (or even the CDC) who attempt to go public with firsthand accounts of scientific fraud are silenced and intimidated. All vaccines are, by default, declared to be “safe and effective” even when their own insert sheets clearly state they are often backed by no clinical trials whatsoever.

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