Know what CAFO, GMO and FDA really stand for!


According to Natural News, if you don’t know what CAFO stands for, it’s “confined animal feeding operation.” CAFO means that the animals are fed toxic feed, like gelatin, GM soy, GM corn and GM alfalfa. This is herbicide food. It destroys weeds, not to mention the animals’ digestive tracts. It can destroy the reproductive system of the animal consuming it.

CAFO means the animals are injected with synthetic growth hormones that cause breast cancer tumors in men and women.

CAFO means the animals are kept and slaughtered in inhumane ways, while their fellow animals watch and listen to the suffering.

Just what are “food drugs”? What is going on in those food plants where they mix in super spices and super sugars with hydrogenated oils saturated in all the bad fats that clog arteries and veins, leading to strokes, obesity and diabetes?

By tricking your body with something sweet or salty, that’s barely even food, you crave MORE sweets and MORE salty junk food to quell what your body NEVER really received. When you crave foods, you’re really craving nutrients and minerals, but you won’t find any of that in GMO food.

How can you tell if your food is genetically mutated, containing chemicals that kill weeds, fungus, worms and beetles? Who is looking out for you, because the FDA says that chemicals that kill weeds, fungus, worms and beetles are good for humans? FDA must stand for FOOD-DRUG ALLIANCE.

The EPA likes chemical agriculture too. Plus, the USDA supports more and more “chemicalized crop” than ever before. Could it all be about the money? You bet it is.

So again, who’s looking out for you, besides you? The USA does not label GMO food as such, and the “search for the cure” for cancer continues. Should you be searching for prevention instead?

The Non-GMO Project Verified seal indicates that best practices have been put in place to AVOID GMOs. The project’s “threshold” is in alignment with the laws in the European Union!

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about GMO and CAFO-derived food items and how they are harmful, one can easily log onto:


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