Jewish writer warns of GMO/biotech holocaust


How does one voluntarily commit suicide without realizing it? The result of a slow, painful death is no different from a sudden unexpected death — the end of mortality. For starters, I am Jewish, so don’t take this the wrong way, but eating cancer-causing food designed by Nazi scientists is suicide, and it’s like walking into the gas chambers slowly, over time, getting dosed over and over again with “mustard-gas-food.” Pesticides infect most conventional foods in the USA today, and it’s all thanks to the same I.G. Farben Nazis from the second World War. Today’s food holocaust includes all the same ingredients, including fluoride in the water, that was given to Jews in the concentration camps to keep them weak so they wouldn’t fight back or think deep about their short future.

Are you eating GMO pesticide-laden food daily? Do you drink water from the tap? Do you feel weak and void of nutrients? Stop wondering why and do something about it. This war on food must be won by the organic minded masses. Become pure again. End the insanity of the food holocaust. Read the full report on Natural News by SD Wells now. Click below:

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