What’s a “slider” on Natural News and why are they shared by the thousands? Answer: Short-Attention-Span catered to with fast, great info!


Sliders are like billboards – they communicate the core of info as fast as possible with an attractive, interesting photo and some key words. Then, it’s up to you to look up the info for more insight, but with sliders, it’s online, so all you do is click on the “billboard” photo and key words and up comes the vital info! How easy is that? Wanna know more about the power of Vitamin D and how most chemical medicines popular in the USA are totally obsolete if you take 4,000 ius a day? Ooops. cat’s outa the bag on that one.

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Want to know all the reasons allopathic doctors and oncologists won’t tell you the cure for cancer is organic food and spring water? Click on a slider. They’re on the right hand column of the NaturalNews.com home page. Find a topic that relates to YOUR LIFE and just click and read. It’s that easy. Get fast knowledge you can use daily to stay healthy, avoid cancer, and know what to eat, drink and put on your skin that supports longevity and sustainability! Learning great tools was never easier. SD Wells posts some sliders that support all of this and encourage health basics 101, so tell your kids, your teenagers and your college students to check out the new slider format for learning. They could write reports for school and use sliders like a powerpoint presentation. They could get inspired and use the Natural News sliders as a template. Tune into natural health news daily, you won’t be disappointed… In fact, you’ll be on your way to health freedom.

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Got short attention span? Check out the …

Most popular sliders!







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