Is Monsanto a group of Biotech Fuhrers?

tyranny in america now (2)

Is Monsanto really a group of Biotech Fuhrers? Could TED be behind it all? What about Bilderberg? The Rockefellers? Which literature is their PROPAGANDA – so you won’t believe in the cancer-food-industry’s lies?

What Biotech publications are conning and culling the masses into believing that it’s okay to eat food that contains pesticide, and drink water that contains fluoride? This is what Hitler did to the Jews of Germany, Poland, and then some. He conned them into boarding trains with their luggage bound for concentration camps, where you never saw your children again, you drank fluoridated water, and you ate nutrition-void food and died of starvation; except nowadays you don’t die of starvation until the Nazi-chemotherapy does it’s job on you, robbing you of ALL immunity, ALL nutrients, ALL minerals, and then, then you’re “done.” It’s still murder, it’s just called GMO. It’s still got the same ingredients, with new names like Roundup, Glyphosate, BT corn and HT soy.


Writers who promote and purport these atrocities are getting picked apart and pointed out by alternative news and media coverage right now and for good reason. Jon Entine is one of them. He just got fired from and it’s a precedent example of biotech shills going “over the top” with propaganda way too many times. Plus, this guy is a violent psychopath who basically tortured his wife and daughter with verbal and some physical abuse as he dragged the now ex-wife through court drama, subpoenas, for seven years, as revealed in court documents published on Natural News.

The same chemicals made for food by the same companies, like Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, – they are all the same thugs who gave rise to WWII as IG Farben, Hitler’s right arm – the pharmaceutical cabal that helped Hitler conquer countries, one by one. He went in and replaced their medicine with his, and cut off their food supplies, creating “ghettos” like asylums and weakening his enemy while he killed en masse.


Biotech writers today purport lies on all kinds of media fronts, including, WebMd, Wikipedia, ABC news, NBC news (where Entine used to be a producer), Fox and CNN, and more. Know what the fake news looks like, and sounds like, so you don’t second guess your own natural health information that is so vital in 2015. Never second guess the power of organic food, organic minerals, organic Superfood, herbs, tinctures, and of course, hemp seed oil for cancer prevention.

Sources for this blog:

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