Trick “News IQ Quiz” going viral on internet for the masses to “try for fun”

obama stinks (2)

Here are the “Trick Survey” answers (that aren’t provided as a choice, conveniently). The survey was posted by Pew Research Center recently (numbers, facts and trends shaping your world) – What a joke!

#1. Where (and what) is ISIS (what country do they function in)? Bad news for the patriot masses: The U.S. created ISIS just like we created Al Qaiada. We give money to rebels to purposely and further disrupt unstable governments in third world countries that have lots of natural resources we can then steal during a declared “war” on terrorism, including Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The US actually supports pharmaceutical terrorism all over the world, especially in African nations.

#2. What does the term “common core” refer to: Common core means true history is covered up and American schools teach the kids convenient lies so they’ll think things like, “war is good for the economy” and that “milk is good for your bones” and that you need to eat meat “for protein.” Christopher Columbus was actually a murderer and should not be celebrated at all. Common core means teaching kids long division when we have calculators. Science won’t talk about GMOs destroying the planet and English, well, they don’t even teach how to write script anymore.

#3. What’s the National Unemployment rate? The National Unemployment rate is actually twice as high as the highest answer listed by this survey (They list 12% and it’s really over 30%). The US government does not want anyone to panic and stop buying useless crap they don’t need, because a great financial collapse is coming soon to a “theatre” near you.

Want the facts? Nearly 100,000,000 Americans no longer work as real unemployment reaches new records! Learn more:

#4. And my favorite TRICK survey question:

On which of these activities does the U.S. government currently spend the most money?Transportation, social security, foreign aid or interest on the national debt?

Answer: They don’t SPEND any money at all. All income and estate taxes are not needed to run the country, and when politicians need money they print it, period. To the tune of 18 trillion dollars. Look it up! The only foreign aid we offer is to take over your country, feed you GMO and force vaccinate your children. This is how we are like Hitler. Social security, medicare and medicaid are ALL ponzi schemes. They will NOT exist when the financial implosion of debt really strikes America, and the politicians all know this. It’s a joke and a trick question to get you to think that the government is spending money to help people. It’s a brainwasher survey. Not a survey created for fun.

Here’s the BIG “survey” TRICK if you want to try to brainwash yourself:

Sorry ’bout yer luck mr. survey maker. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but us geniuses can spot a huckster a mile away.


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