Nina Pham, the “Ebola Nurse,” sues hospital for Nazi-style medical experimentation abuse when she was isolated for Ebola last fall

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Experimental Medications – that’s what Pham has to sue the hospital for – can you believe it? You get a disease and Big Pharma America makes it worse by injecting their experimental drugs into the body like they have a license to “ill” because you happen to be sick with a disease THEY brought over to the USA with carelessness and rogue arrogance. The CDC, the whole hospital cartel of corrupt doctors and scientists, they can all be to blame here. This is the epitome of what happens to innocent people when they’re at the mercy of Big Pharma, Big Medical, and Obamacare. Thanks Obama!

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Adolf Hitler used to use people for medical experiments. He tortured them. Then he shot them. Will there soon be mercy killings in the USA for people the Medical Industrial Complex abuses and experiments on after it all goes wrong? Will Nina Pham win her case, and win millions of dollars for health damages, or will Big Pharma step in and shut the whole thing down, no media coverage, no compensation, and more persecution?

After all, the vaccine industry is IMMUNE itself from ALL U.S. LAW and cannot be sued in court. They have their own court with a slush fund for damaged people. I wonder what drugs they shot into Nina Pham, and I wonder if she has proof. This will be very interesting to follow this case! Tune into Natural Health News for more:


“Pham reportedly filed a lawsuit on March 2 in Dallas County against Texas Health Resources, the overseer of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where she contracted Ebola while treating “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan. The 26-year-old nurse says she now suffers from constant nightmares, body aches and insomnia due to the experimental medications that were forced upon her while in isolation.” Learn more about the symbol of “Corporate Neglect” Nurse Nina Pham:

More on Big Pharma taking away people’s medical freedom:


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