CERN can shoot down planes, create black holes in space, reformulate the universe, and destroy the US economy in ONE second – fire it up!

black hole 2

While the world’s economy is slowly imploding, the U.S. fights a senseless war against an invisible emotion-made enemy, and the natural resources are being flogged and abused, and while nearly all conventional food becomes laced with pesticides (GMO), scientists are hard at work spending millions if not billions of dollars and man-hours making a machine that slams atoms together and creates black holes in space, or so they tell us.

black hole 3

It’s called the CERN Large Hadron Collider, and that last word is pronounced like the word collide. It’s really a pun and a symbol of the world’s stupidity as some of our best resources on planet earth are being wasted and taken for granted, while scientists play universe-doctor in their labs. How does this compare to GMO, another scientific atrocity and huge waste of time, money and resources, not to mention health. Could CERN screw up our whole atmosphere in one fell swoop (like turning it on for 5 seconds)? Could CERN cause a total electrical blackout EMP “pulse” for all the world? That could last for months and the nuclear plants would ALL have melt-downs because we can’t keep them cool. What then? Could CERN shoot down a plane by crippling it’s controls, like in Malaysia maybe?

Remember the Bermuda Triangle?? CERN is the new “magnetic mystery” and it’s man-made! Is there a second CERN in the Bermuda triangle or is it over near Malaysia and India, deep in the ocean? Maybe there are 3 CERNS and they only talk of the one in Germany. Hmmmnnnnn ……

cern 2cern 3

So you may not have control over any of this, but you do have control as a consumer – not to buy GMO food, not to support corporations that don’t care about the environment or human safety. You DO have control over every dollar you spend and who you vote for, on the city, state and Fed levels. You DO have control over getting honest news about food, the environment and even politics. Don’t be fooled by the shills and the hacks, the fraudsters and the fake TV news. Follow Natural News and it’s bloggers in the blogosphere, and make intelligent, informed decisions that make your life better and the world around you too.

As reported on Natural News by Mike Adams in a hilarious parody about CERN and the ruthless “Obamanation” of Obama’s politics:

In a stunning breakthrough that’s sure to result in dozens of Nobel Prizes being awarded to somebody, scientists at the CERN Large Hadron Collider have discovered the elusive “Obama particle” by slamming the U.S. economy into a brick wall at 99.999% of the speed of a derivatives flash crash.


The collision produced an elaborate pattern of joblessness and wealth destruction which was captured and mapped by CERN scientists to create a statistical detection model that pinpointed the elusive Obama particle’s role in destroying everything it touches. Learn more:


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