Ending the Evil Habit based on New Study and Behavior Modification

evil cigs  kids

There are more than 42,000,000 American adults hooked on cigarettes. Why not end the health and financial nightmare now?

Smoking is not only destroying your body, but wallets as well. For example, healthcare for employees who smoke runs an average of $6,000 more per year compared to non-smoking employees.

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, has an ideal way to help people quit. It’s by taking a simple course, “14AndOut,” that paves the way to a healthier you. Within 14 days of beginning this organic course, you will be “out” of the chains that bind you to smoking, hence the name. He first recommends that a person learns how the chemicals in cigarettes alter their physiology. Next, he suggests applying behavior modification and nutrition to the process.

This easy action step is far healthier than switching your habit to another addiction, like electronic cigarettes, toxic pharmaceutical medications or the nicotine patch. Go organic with everything, and if you smoke, consider this course. When you do, you’ll see how your life and health will transform immediately.

Stop smoking with the organic method, “14AndOut”

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