Tricky calcium article correct on some counts, but then pushes dairy, tells you watch out for too much Vitamin D, and never mentions silica


Some articles are lousy, some are good, and others sound good but are misleading. How can you know the difference? Here are two articles to compare, the first one being the one in question, and the second is an older article by the Health Ranger talking about the importance of vitamin D. Let’s take a look at some quotes from the first article, as described in the title:

“… the first problem with most calcium supplements is that they are made up of elemental calcium which includes limestone, bone meal, and shells.”


“It is also important to consider that dairy foods are naturally high in calcium when they are not subjected to high heat pasteurization. Therefore, if you have good sources of milk, cheese, and butter that are not pasteurized at high temperatures, then you should definitely consume these products to get your calcium.”


“Similar to calcium tablets, another example of superfluous supplements that are often touted by mainstream health gurus as being important to health is the mega dosage of vitamin D.”

Three years ago the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, bust open the Vitamin D myth!

“The reign of censorship and suppression against vitamin D is now coming to an end. Even though the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and many institutions leading the cancer industry (including the ACS) have intentionally tried to downplay the ability of vitamin D to prevent cancer, a new study appearing in the journal Anticancer Research lays out the simple, powerful truth about vitamin D that we’ve been teaching at Natural News for years: A typical adult needs 4,000 – 8,000 Ius of vitamin D each day to prevent cancer, MS and type-1 diabetes, not the ridiculously low 400 – 800 Ius recommended by the U.S. government.”

There are some valid points to the first article though. They speak of magnesium supplementing and getting the proper foods like rotating your greens between kale, dandelion and mustard greens. They speak of almonds and sesame seeds too. However, the word organic doesn’t even exist in the article. Why? And why push dairy products when they drive inflammation? Humans are the only animals on earth that drink milk past infancy and from another animal. Think about that for a second. Does that dairy have antibiotics and artificial growth hormones from cows kept in CAFOs? Sure would like them to make the distinction while they’re “on topic” about calcium and preventing osteoporosis. Why prevent bone loss while you get cancer? That’s not good.

“… compared to the bones of an aging woman where there is bound to be some natural deterioration of her bones.”

Consider that talk also in first article about “natural deterioration of bones” This seems very misleading. There are hundreds of people over 100 years of age that are not experiencing bone loss and deterioration of bones. This stems mainly from drinking fluoridated water and eating bleached foods and lousy calcium supplements. Let’s address all of this head on and be realistic and positive here.

The author also says this information about cheap calcium supplements coming from shells, bone meal and limestone is new info, but the Health Ranger exposed all this awhile back. That’s why Natural Health News is good to keep up with. Natural News Tracker is following the calcium myth and the “whole” advice that’s worth considering.

Let’s take a close look at what the Health Ranger says about cheap calcium and also about proper vitamin D supplementation:


The Health Ranger asked us in a previous article:

“Would you eat iron filings and call it nutrition? The majority of people don’t know that most of the cheap vitamins sold today are made with iron filings. “Scrap metal,” almost. The calcium found in cheap vitamins is often just ground-up seashells, and magnesium is often sold as cheap magnesium oxide which may be completely useless to your body’s cells. If you’re buying mineral supplements, you may be wasting your money unless the minerals are in the right form: Magnesium orotate or malate, for example.”

Also, world famous David Wolfe speaks on silicon & magnesium building bones rather than calcium!

dill garden

“The well-known author and supporter of the raw-vegan lifestyle, David Wolfe states that,

‘Calcium does not build bones. This is one of the biggest misconceptions ever.’ He states that silicon and magnesium are the keys to increasing bone density. So, stop taking calcium and start taking silicon and magnesium to increase your bone density.”

Learn more:


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