Manufactured, staged and scripted news is now commonplace in America – selling the “idiots” whatever suits the agenda

stupid tv set

The biggest staged events ever were Pearl Harbor and 9/11, but most people can’t swallow the horror of their government betraying them in such an insidious way, still, wars are started for MONEY, and they continue for MONEY, including the war on terror today. Are you of the 99% that isn’t filthy rich from the military industrial complex, Wall Street, Big Pharma or Big Food? Are you not participating in other people’s demise for your income? Are you not dishing out the wrong advice? Maybe you are your only problem, because you have the power to change the world, with what you buy, with what you think and with what you say. Turn off the TV and “check” your own agenda for the day, the week, the month – the year and more. The “Big Guns” don’t want you to understand the big picture, so NSA is watching, and friends, anyone who denies Eric Snowden as a hero is simply unpatriotic. The truth hurts, but it does us ALL a lot of good. It’s nice to know we’re ALL being spied on illegally by our Government and that some of us were right all along when we said the post 9/11 era was “installed” to take away our freedoms using fear and the thought of terrorism to infringe upon our Bill of Rights. Are you an American with rights? Stand up, take notice and keep reading.

GMO food, a FAKE war on terror and the ultimate threat to our Constitution

As we consume more GMO, thinking it’s okay or not knowing the difference, more and more Americans are losing immunity, vitality, critical thinking ability and hope. They feel trapped in a system that doesn’t seem to want to help them, in fact, it seems to want to harm them more. As we watch the news on TV that is supposed to be real and report what’s going on in our city, state, country and around the world, we would think it’s somewhat objective, yet there is no “objective” at all, but to tell people to fear Islam, eat GMO, get dozens of toxic vaccines, drink fluoride water from the tap, and ignore nutrition as medicine. So we must ask: “WTF?” Why the face, right?

As we get those mercury dental fillings and eat MSG and aspartame, our central nervous systems are way out of balance, regularly, so we do not feel at ease. Our emotions can run high, or worse, low. Fits of anxiety and depression can wreck a good job, or a good home, or a good relationship, pretty quickly. Then turn on the TV and the news is only BAD and SHOCKING news and it feels like it’s all just controlled chaos, for now. And Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are talking to families that have been devastated by the “news.” But is it real news? Are those “top notch” reporters even at the scene? Is that a blue screen set up instead of actually attending the funeral, Anderson?

Were those reporters in the Gulf War really near the bombs and gunfire? Do they need gas masks, or are they filming from the studio in Atlanta or some motel room at a hotel far from danger? I guess you have to watch the videos where they got BUSTED faking it. Yep, then, even fluoride, mercury and aluminum in your blood isn’t enough to keep you from knowing it’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s TRUE. Watch the video and learn. Natural News enthusiasts are sharing the truth on line, for your health, safety, sustainability and the organic way to freedom.

cnn fake news

Anderson Cooper fakes attendance of funeral:

Watch Anderson’s nose disappear on blue screen:

Fake CNN News about Iraq War scene:

Stay tuned. This just in from Natural Health News:

“The war in Iraq, Sandy Hook, Disneyland measles and more: an American legacy of manufactured news”


“The federal government has aggressively used a well-established tool of public relations: the prepackaged, ready-to-serve news report that major corporations have long distributed to TV stations to pitch everything from headache remedies to auto insurance,” admits the report.” Learn more:

More MSM/LSM (MainStreamMedia/LameStreamMedia) Lies:


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