What do USED CARS and VACCINES have in common?

girl vax

What would happen if the auto industry operated like the vaccine industry?

According to Natural News, if the auto industry operated like the vaccine industry:

  • Auto manufacturers would have absolute legal immunity from all liability, even if they manufactured defective products that killed people.
  • Modern automobiles would have no safety features at all: No seat belts, no air bags and no anti-lock brakes.
  • Any person who questioned the safety of defective automobiles would be labeled “anti-science” and derided as a danger to society… even when it’s the defective automobiles that are the real danger to society.
  • Auto manufacturers would pay off “scientists” to lie to the public, claiming their defective vehicles are perfectly safe, even though no safety testing is ever conducted before new models are released to the public.
  • The government would force all American families to buy automobiles they didn’t want or face arrest and imprisonment.
  • All automobile accidents caused by defective manufacturing would be utterly denied by the mainstream media, which would refuse to print any news on the matter.
  • Whistleblowers inside the auto industry who tried to go public with a warning in the interests of public safety would be aggressively threatened, intimidated and censored.
  • Families of children damaged by defective automobiles would be denied due process and forced into a kangaroo “Auto Injury Compensation Program” that takes up to ten years to decide on the merits of the claim.

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