New CIGARETTE and E-Cig study compilation: Recent research on cigarettes ends up revealing the best way to end the habit scientifically!

Mike Adams Lab

A couple years ago, Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of Natural, the most-visited health news website in the world, created his own lab and began doing the job the FDA is supposed to do, examine food for chemicals that cause cancer and other health detriment.

Now, Natural News is in the “cigarette news” again. Featuring major headlines about studies done that reveal heavy metal toxins in cigarettes, hoaxes about formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes, and natural remedies for eliminating the craving of nicotine forever. These are iconic moments in the history of health, and this is the arch enemy of Big Tobacco and the whole commercial cigarette industry. The nemesis of the “cancer stick” has arrived, and those who choose to ignore it will miss THE TRUTH. Those who choose to study it will immediately gain control of their personal health, their personal vitality, and the knowledge to choose what makes them strong, day in and day out.

The Health Ranger took the time in his “Forensic Food Lab” to research heavy metal toxins in cigarettes and found alarmingly high content of lead and aluminum. Though we know cigarettes are horrible for health already, this is news that solidifies SCIENTIFICALLY that cigarettes contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Add in vaccines that are loaded with mercury and what have you got? He even published the lab results for us all to see:

cig machine

So now we see exactly what Big Tobacco has WEAVED into the manufacturing of this HIGHLY EFFICIENT NICOTINE DELIVERY DEVICE. Heavy metal toxins are affecting the brain and smokers don’t even realize there’s a road map now for escaping. The Health Ranger knows what foods capture toxins and pull them from your body. I bet you didn’t know that.

The Health Ranger shows us how to remove heavy metals from water:

There was a huge HOAX of a study to be aware of also, that was published in the New England Medical Journal and was staged by Big Tobacco to scare people away from electronic cigarettes. This was a ploy to keep their cigarette addicts in place, not trying something that has over a 50% success rate of keeping former smokers away from commercial cigarettes for good. Yes, electronic cigarettes are “taking over” the “smoking” market share, and it’s not even smoke or tobacco. Big Tobacco does NOT want you to know the information contained in this article. This study is worth understanding and you may be the smartest person you know when you’re done looking at it. Here’s the study:


Do you believe in CLEAN FOOD? This is a must see show. Clean food can help you escape cigarettes, drug addictions, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Diabetes, allergies, the flu, common colds, and IBS. Clean food could save you from one, some, or all of the above! The Health Ranger used high powered microscopy to examine common foods like rice, protein powders and chocolate powders to see how high the levels of heavy metals toxins were, and he even discovered a new toxin the FDA NEVER TALKS ABOUT and that is Tungsten. Does your “certified organic” food come from China? Watch out for heavy metal toxins. Take a look at profound research and real science-based studies done on our food that Doctor Oz himself presented by inviting the Editor of Natural News and lead scientist at the forensic food lab to discuss and educate him!

This is activism for the public interest and Mike Adams is the pioneer out in front of it all paving the way for health freedom. This is consumer empowerment at its best. As a smoker you are a consumer of heavy metal toxins. You learn how they affect you, where they are in foods, then you eliminate them ALL from your daily intake and voila! Your enlightenment becomes reality, and you will be smiling from ear to ear. Start now right here:

Watch the FULL episode of the Health Ranger on the Doctor Oz Show, revealing toxic heavy metals in organic products

Attention all smokers with the WILL POWER to QUIT. One CAN outsmart a bad habit. It always starts with knowledge. Then a concrete plan. Then you simply work the plan, without question. If you smoke cigarettes you can undermine the addiction and attack it at its Achilles heel. By fortifying your nutrient base and altering a few repetitive behaviors for 14 days, you can eliminate nicotine cravings and change the way you feel every second of every minute of every hour of the day.

The tools at hand are based on research by Nutritionists, Leading Scientists, honest Investigative Reporters and Journalists who are kind enough to share the “know.”

You can change your life in one fell swoop. Take time out of your “busy” day and learn EXACTLY what you need to know about what smoking really does to keep you hooked and how to “flank” the enemy in battle. This is your health fight and you have the right to be healthy and happy. It’s time to outsmart cigarettes.


cig machine

You do your homework first. That’s how!

Research Compilation Begins Here.

    You’re Welcome!

Mike Adams, the Editor of Natural News, said it best here;

“Every time corporations want to shove their poisons down our throats, they claim to have a monopoly on “science.” Anyone who disagrees with the corporate propaganda is then labeled “anti-science. … This tactic didn’t originate with the biotech industry, Big Pharma or vaccine pushers: it was also a favorite tactic of Big Tobacco, an industry that dominated the “science” of the time by financially influencing science journals, medical journals and the mainstream media.”


“Special Report: E-cigarettes double success of smokers trying to quit”

Breakthrough Research in the Forensic Food Lab on radiation poisoning and defense:

Ground-Breaking 60-Minute Course to stop smoking in 14 days!

New Strategies for Quitting Cigarettes Revealed in Ground-Breaking 60-Minute Course!


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