U.S. grid going down soon? Take the power back! Grow Your OWN food without electricity or soil!

fam in dark

When the power goes, and it WILL GO, how will you feed your family and what will you feed them? Oh yes, do not fear the “terrorists” that “hate America” for there are much greater threats than that. There are the ones who act like they care, who make cancer-causing food (Biotech) and who put cancer-causing insecticide in the water (your city) like Hitler did to keep the Jews weak in the Holocaust. The enemy to be on guard about is right in your living room, delivering lies on your TV set about the economy, saying it’s fine and you’ve got nothing to worry about. The enemy is on Wall Street and running the Big Banks who are all about to MAKE A BIG RUN! – with your savings, and IRAs and federally “backed” money you think you have rights to. When North Korea sets of an EMP in space, YOU will have no power here. No TV. No smart phone. No lights. And within 48 hours, NO FOOD. The stores here will have barren shelves and you can try your best to call your government for help but guess where they will be? Camp David. Why? Because they knew it was coming. They will have organic food stored, and oxygen. They will have herbal remedies they know work, stored. When the grid goes down because of some nuclear catastrophe, or great flood, millions of Americans, no doubt, will NOT be prepared. Most people have no clue what to do.

Oh, but there is something MAJOR you can do to prepare. You can learn to grow your own food without electricity or even soil, indoors and for pennies on the dollar. You can learn to grow food WHILE CONSERVING WATER! There’s a new revolutionary invention and the Health Ranger Mike Adams invented it, manufactures it with a 3D printer, and donates it to schools, organizations that feed the hungry, and it’s for sale inexpensively. It’s called the Mini-Farm Grow Box system. You can TAKE THE POWER BACK, literally, when you have organic food growing in your home that requires no power.

grow box

“The key to the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box system is a unique, non-circulating, non-electric design that requires no complex parts, no pumps and no circuit boards. Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes are also 100% EMP proof, meaning they won’t fail in the event of a large electromagnetic pulse. Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes are capable of growing food following a nuclear attack or a “grid-down” scenario and are a perfect solution for independent food production in the wake of a large-scale economic collapse.”


GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC LETTUCE, SPINACH, KALE, STRAWBERRIES … Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049493_Food_Rising_Mini-Farm_Grow_Box_Mike_Adams_empowerment.html#ixzz3YS5jydt3

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVKCQZIpH5Q


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