Fake “Public Health” Interest Group Exposed! – – American Council on Science & Health nothing more than propaganda for the Chemical Industrial Complex


Have you heard of ACSH, the American Council on Science and Health? They’re proudly selling you your own demise while promoting it as healthy! Aren’t you excited. In this case, demise means health destruction, fast or slow, doesn’t matter. Do you, your family or your corporation deal in chemicals that end up in foods, drinks, cosmetics, tobacco, personal care products or vaccines that cause health detriment? If not, you cannot be part of this club. The American Council on Science & Health is very busy raising funds, donations and soliciting for their publications that indirectly inform the public about how it’s safe to eat bug-killer, weed-killer, and to put it on your skin daily. They have a funding goal of about two million dollars a year – won’t you help? Do you need your chemical-product company to have good reviews and your products touted as healthy? It’s easy, just donate a bunch of money to ACSH and they can have their shills and propagandists write a peer-review style brochure and with the “right” donation, ACSH can have those same hacks write a book about how your dangerous products are safe and good for newborn babies to eat, drink, or put on their rashes.

Would you care to attend the convention this year, for the Chemical Industrial Complex? All the big name companies and corporations have contributed through the direct mail campaign run by ACSH. That list includes individual investors and family foundations too. Won’t you be a proud investor in other people’s demise and health destruction? Forget about ethics and morals, it’s always about the money when you’re in business (biotech, pharma and toxic personal care products), after all, it is a “free country” right?

ACSH receives about $400,000 in GRANTS each year too. Want to know the kinds of companies that “grant” them money? Here’s a shortlist: Fracking, Petroleum, Vaccine Manufacturers, Personal Care Products, Cosmetics, Tobacco and E-cigs (that’s short for electronic cigarettes if you live in a closet and don’t know yet).

Yes, family foundations support Biotech and the Agricultural Holocaust of 2015. “From biotech farm to chemotherapy” we follow the bouncing ball in America – people eating pesticide-laden corn and soy and wondering how they ever got cancer. How could this happen to “them” – they’re good God-loving people, right? Quick, salute the flag and ACSH, the American Council for Science and Health, because the corporate shill name always has to be the exact OPPOSITE of what you represent. Of course, here, ACSH means the American Complex for NO SCIENCE (or safety testing) and HEALTH DETRIMENT for profits. If you don’t think this company really exists to accomplish this atrocity, or you think this sounds like conspiracy theory, think about this for one minute: All the companies that donate money to this “Council” make products that have already been proven to be toxic to humans, one way or another, via consumption. This includes environmental hazards that wind up in human blood eventually, and the carcinogens we are supposed to regulate and minimize, while instead they are all promoted as safe and beneficial. And WHAT does the CDC do about this? Nothing. They promote it. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/center-for-disease-control-exposed/

girl vax

And the list goes on ….

Biotech and the Agricultural Holocaust of 2015

Do you sell soda? Need some fake research and publicity? Ask for a direct mail brochure from ACHS and they can discuss your options or create a campaign platform for you!

Do you, your family or your corporation manufacture fast food that includes animals drugged up with artificial hormones and 70% of the world’s antibiotics? Ask for a direct mail brochure from ACHS and they can discuss your options or create a campaign platform for you!


Are you a scientist who knows how to insert pesticides into seeds of crops without killing the crop? Are you a scientist who fakes vaccine results to win government contracts? Ask for a direct mail brochure from ACHS and they can discuss your options or create a campaign platform for you!

Don’t feel left out if you don’t manufacture poisonous food or poisonous personal care products. If your company makes anything that contains dangerous chemicals that spill onto the land, into the rivers, lakes and even the ocean, ACHS may be able to still help you promote your products as safe and beneficial. You see, vinyl, gasoline and vaccines can all help investors in fake cancer therapies make money, so ACHS supports your platform. With ACHS, the ends (money) always justifies the means (propaganda that says toxins are healthy). It’s that simple. Need a report that says chlorine is safe for people to drink? No problem. But remember, if you don’t deal in some way, shape or form with deadly chemicals, then you cannot be a part of the club. ACHS is proudly selling you your OWN health destruction and promoting it as healthy. Join the bandwagon and sell your soul and company to the devil of promo – and have your business name published next to the Big Guns like Phrma, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, and more. Even the American Beverage Association wants you to consume chemical-drinks and they use ACHS for literature via “donations” that pay for propaganda and fake research support.

Jon Entine, propagandist and super-sellout-shill, who was recently fired by Forbes.com, was paid to write a book saying Atrazine (agricultural pesticide/poison) is good for one’s health and the environment. How exciting for Biotech! Entine has been exposed since then as the ultimate biotech hack, and his “frontman” status demeaned to shill, huckster and charlatan, down there in the ditches of shame with the rest of the biotech propagandists exposed last year on Natural News and InfoWars.com, not to mention blog sites exploding with coverage of the hacks to try to fool the masses that there’s some kind of safety research going on in their industry and that they care about people’s health and the environment too. That’s right, ACSH actually hired a known propagandist to write a book to say Atrazine is somehow safe, that way the manufacturers could refute other studies or research by simply saying independent research has already been concluded and published, using the propaganda as a resource to further fuel the chemical agriculture industry that besieges America’s staple crops today.


As of 2014, in the U.S., atrazine was the second-most-widely used agricultural chemical after glyphosate (which goes under the trade name of Roundup, which was developed and is sold by Monsanto). Nearly 80 million pounds of atrazine is applied to U.S. crops annually.


Atrazine is, according to the EPA, “the most prevalent herbicide in ground and surface water, remaining stable and toxic for decades in some environments.”

pest sprayer

Atrazine is a major source of revenue for Syngenta, a Swiss company headquartered in North Carolina. They sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Atrazine each year.

Atrazine is known to cause cancer in rats. Humans who work in Syngenta’s production facility in Louisiana have higher rates of prostate cancer than other men statewide. Still, who does the EPA look to for safety studies? Syngenta. That’s like telling repeat offender bank robbers to watch the vault of gold while we all count our savings. Syngenta says the mechanism causing cancer in rats probably doesn’t occur in humans. “Perfect! Excellent research guys. We appreciate it here at the EPA, the Environmental Prostitution Agency. If you decide to use crystal meth next, just send us a brochure.”


Let’s take a look at the dangers of applying CHEMICALS to agriculture:

Atrazine is a “Triazine” herbicide, the most heavily used agricultural chemicals in the US, and fall under the category of endocrine disruptors. That means that humans who consume it get their hormones thrown so out of whack that they get cancer, usually breast, prostate, bladder, pancreas, testes, and reproductive organs (see the frogs, fish and other wildlife studies on this – – Hayes, 2003; Rohr, 2009). Atrazine is found in agriculture and household pest control products worldwide. It is made to kill weeds, but it impacts wildlife. The EU, European Union, banned Atrazine in 2005. The United States dumps 75 million pounds on the corn and sorghum crops each year. Go figure. That’s why America is the home of the Cancer Industrial Complex. That’s why there’s a “War on Cancer” because the government is waging their investment on expensive and useless cancer therapies. Atrazine seeps into the groundwater, hence, most drinking water.

Breast cancer has been tied to Triazines (primarily Atrazine) and a HIGHER LEVEL of mixed pesticides. SEE! And Biotech tells everyone that they will be able to use LESS pesticides if the genetically modified seed contains some. Another huge LIE for the rap sheet!

In fact, high levels of Atrazine are found to disrupt pituitary-ovarian function. Mess with the hormones and you get mammary tumors. It’s like adding 2 plus 2 and getting 4. The math is easy to do once you see the research and hear the shills screaming just the opposite in their fake journals and fake books. Speaking of FAKE BOOKS, that brings us to the topic of Jon Entine, the propagandist.

Jon Entine is a corporate propagandist and pseudo-journalist who utilizes his media savvy to promote the opinions and positions of chemical corporations, by posing as an independent journalist. Entine has multiple, documented ties to biotech companies Monsanto and Syngenta, and plays a key propaganda role via another industry front group known as the American Council on Science and Health, 1 a thinly-veiled corporate front group that Sourcewatch describes as holding “a generally apologetic stance regarding virtually every other health and environmental hazard produced by modern industry, accepting corporate funding from Coca-Cola, Kellogg, General Mills, Pepsico, and the American Beverage Association, among others.”


Total coverage of the biotech frontman exposed:

“Jon Entine, biotech shill and character assassination operative, committed domestic violence and child abuse, states wife in court documents” http://www.naturalnews.com/047666_Jon_Entine_child_abuse_court_documents.html#ixzz3YhpSWJi9

Connecting the Toxic Dots: Hitler, Agent Orange, Chemotherapy, GM Corn, GM Soy, Glyphosate and Atrazine


What’s a fake “Public Health” Interest Group? ACHS. Corporations, the Government and Regulatory Agencies have been perpetuating this “peer reviewed” sale of chemicals for food for about 75 years. It dates back to the rise and fall of Hitler. True historians love this part, because you can really see what is happening in politics, agriculture and the cancer industry by viewing history in this light. It’s like bio-agriculture has this horrible, long rap sheet for crimes and now, after decades of criminal behavior, they’re saying what they do now is safe and beneficial. Same story, different products. Started with cigarettes, became processed food, which became GMO (early 1980s), topped off with vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and toxic personal care products. Big Pharma was called I.G. Farben back in WWII days. That’s just a conglomerate of rich and powerful pharmaceutical companies. Ever heard of Bayer and BASF, you know “We don’t make most of the products you buy, we make many of the products you buy … better.” Ya, right. Those prime-time-players are still players today. We’re talking about mass-murdering scientists who reported to Hitler that created the deadly pesticides, fluoride and gases they used to annihilate people in concentration camps, by the millions. The end toll of Jewish people that died in the Holocaust was around 6 million. That’s just 4 years of cancer deaths in USA today. Ready to talk about clean food yet?


Start eating clean and you will decide your own health course. Your body is a machine that can repair itself, prepare itself, and beat down viruses and bacteria. Your body is a work of genius, any way you look at it, and modern science and medicine is great for mending broken bones or doing emergency surgery to save your life. Other than that, most of your health is dictated by what your mouth, lungs and skin consume. Don’t end up lying in a bed full of superbugs at a hospital trying to get second and third opinions on cancer treatment, because they’re all looking at the SAME DATABASE and your “problems” all will be addressed the same way – with tactics based on faked research and promoted by fake “health councils” that rake in the money from all the repeat offenders of health detriment. It’s not that hard to look at the rap sheet and predict the next move of the career criminals.

Eat clean food. Find out exactly what CLEAN FOOD MEANS to your life and those you love. Turn this thing around! You have complete control.



For a thorough research site that exposes chemicals in all categories of personal, business, industrial and agricultural use/products, check out this Breast Cancer Fund website page. It’s simply amazing and a wealth of resourceful info!




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