Australia NOW a medical police state – the USA is NEXT!

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usa gestapo

Don’t like the Obama Administration? Complain from a hidden prison cell with no phone call, no lawyer, no rights, for as long as Obama says keep you there. That’s the NDAA in America and you have NO rights anymore.

Don’t like vaccines? Don’t move to Australia, where every citizen MUST vaccinate or lose up to $15,000 a year from the Feds. Yep. Oh, except the Prime Minister and his daughters, they’re surely not injected some INSANE CRAP into their veins that causes blindness, autism, epilepsy, grand mal seizures, cancer, and the like. Who in their right mind that’s running a country would be STUPID ENOUGH to inject mercury, aluminum and embalming fluid into their muscle tissue? You would have to be brain dead to do that, or in a brain fog from drinking fluoride water, which everyone knows is highly cancerous and lowers IQ. Well, at least the politicians know.

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