Mike Adams has come up with a unique and healthy food empowerment plan for grassroots activists

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According to Natural News, in a recent eye-opening interview with Press for Truth’s Dan Dicks, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses the importance of preparing now for what many consider to be a matter of when rather than if — a societal collapse of epic proportions. Crucial to you and your family’s survival will be knowing how to grow food at home, as well as procuring the tools and skills necessary to maintain a decentralized, self-survival system of sustenance.

“Food is crucial,” says Adams. “You can’t be free if you can’t feed yourself first.”

Discussing his revolutionary new Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box system, Adams explains how this free, off-the-grid food production paradigm represents a practical and affordable solution to the many inherent problems of the existing factory food model. Using Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes, individuals will now be able to manufacture and print, using advanced 3D printing technology, their own mini-farms at home that require no electricity, no expensive pumps and, most importantly, no reliance on the system for food.


“I wanted to really take action to offer solutions to people that were practical, that were hands on, that could empower them with food freedom and disease prevention, allowing them to grow their own food and their own medicine,” explains Adams about the system. “I designed it around parts that you can 3D print on your own 3D printer, which is the industrial revolution of our modern age… you can download the parts for free, you can print them yourself, you can make these grow systems yourself

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The key to the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box system is a unique, non-circulating, non-electric design that requires no complex parts, no pumps and no circuit boards. Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes are also 100% EMP proof, meaning they won’t fail in the event of a large electromagnetic pulse. Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes are capable of growing food following a nuclear attack or a “grid-down” scenario and are a perfect solution for independent food production in the wake of a large-scale economic collapse.

As far as what the systems are capable of growing, Adams says everything from strawberries and spinach to lettuce and melons can be grown in the easy-to-produce and simple-to-operate grow boxes. There’s also an adaptation that turns the box into what’s known as a “wicking box,” which wicks water into a special coconut coir grow medium capable of growing denser produce like potatoes, which are higher in calories and superior for survival.

“I believe in empowering grassroots activists and freedom lovers who believe in being more self-reliant, being more off-the-grid, being more individual empowered, and that’s what this project is all about,” says Adams.

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