HEMP IN THE NEWS: Why hemp is illegal to grow in most of the United States – it would undermine too many corporate industry monopolies

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Hemp prohibition actually has NOTHING to do with drugs. Industrial hemp has no value for drug use. There is a DNA distinction between hemp and marijuana. To the untrained eye, hemp resembles marijuana; however, the distinction can be made through certified seeds and licensing. It’s rather simple. In North Dakota, with a permit from the DEA and a criminal background check, farmers can now legally grow industrial hemp. Of course, with proper licensing and all locations disclosed. Hemp has thousands of uses and could be turned into 25,000 products that are already in use today, but that aren’t all biodegradable. That’s the biggest difference. One of those uses being hemp-crete (like concrete blocks). Who knew? In fact, one acre of hemp can produce four times more paper than an acre of trees. Hemp can be recycled up to seven times. It can be used for clothes, soap, cheese, and even to make houses. While it takes 25 – 50 years to grow one tree, hemp only needs 100 days (that’s one season) to grow before it’s ready to be harvested. Hemp takes little to no effort to grow so it could be grown in all 50 US states.

The natural oil from the plant, naturally called hemp seed oil, is medically beneficial and THAT is legal in the US right now to purchase. Antioxidants in the plant’s oil prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer. Rub it on skin cancer and guess what? Drink it and you get even more protection. It’s rich in minerals like potassium and contains Omega-3 fatty acid – – and that PREVENTS heart disease. Heart disease is at the top for most frequent deaths inside the United States. This will save millions of lives in the long run.


Plus, using hemp BENEFITS the environment by reducing the number of trees we chop down. Cutting down trees ruins safe homes for animals and causes soil erosion. Hemp takes less chemicals to treat it to make paper and that means less pollution. Hemp is being used internationally within places like Canada, Europe, China, Russia and India. Why not in the USA? Because in 1937 the US banned marijuana, since it comes from the same plant as hemp – Cannabis. In Canada, any hemp that contains more than .3% THC switches from hemp classification to marijuana classification. It’s that simple. Most hemp has very little THC, while marijuana has a lot. So why won’t the U.S. Government just “fess up” and say they were wrong, and fix the law? Again, it would undermine industrial monopolies, including the power grids, the clothing industry, the home-building industry, food, medicine, and yes, fuel. Did you know Henry Ford’s first car was made of hemp?

Okay, new question then. So why not just legalize hemp and tax it? They do it for alcohol and tobacco products. Are politicians so cruel that they’ll intentionally screw up the economy, environment and people’s health all for a cool million dollars or two? Try a billion or two. GMO is big money, just ask Monsanto. Big Food (processed and dead food) causes cancer and diabetes, and those are HUGE industries in America, making oncologists and surgeons rich, not to mention the wealthiest 1% who invest in hospital chronic care equipment, machines, drugs and chemotherapy stock.

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All the buzz is about legalizing medical marijuana, and that’s great, but let’s focus on something HUGE here, the elephant in the room, and that is that there’s NO HEMP GROWING in America. This is a problem. Wake up.

Cannabis has created a very exciting and profitable new industry for the US economy. However, it is also highly scrutinized and presents many business challenges on a number of levels,” said Dan Humiston, president of ICA, at the Regulatory (Cannabis/Hemp) Summit in New York. (http://hemp.org/news/node/5283#sthash.saOdVg6y.dpuf)

Representatives Ron Paul (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA) INTRODUCE HEMP FARMING LEGISLATION – HR 1866

Believe it or not, a federal bill in Washington DC was introduced to remove restrictions on the cultivation on NON-PSYCHOACTIVE industrial hemp. Ron Paul had this to say about the US federal government, and this is why he should be the next president: “It is unfortunate that the federal government has stood in the way of American farmers, including many who are struggling to make ends meet, from competing in the global industrial hemp market,” said Representative Ron Paul during his introduction of the bill yesterday before the U.S. House. “Indeed, the founders of our nation, some of whom grew hemp, would surely find that federal restrictions on farmers growing a safe and profitable crop on their own land are inconsistent with the constitutional guarantee of a limited, restrained federal government. Therefore, I urge my colleagues to stand up for American farmers and co-sponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.”



And “Vote Hemp” President Eric Steenstra says:

“With so much discussion lately in the media about drug policy, it is surprising that the tragedy of American hemp farming hasn’t come up as a ‘no-brainer’ for reform. Hemp is a versatile, environmentally-friendly crop that has not been grown here for over fifty years because of a politicized interpretation of the nation’s drug laws by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). President Obama should direct the DEA to stop confusing industrial hemp with its genetically distinct cousin, marijuana. While the new bill in Congress is a welcome step, the hemp industry is hopeful that President Obama’s administration will prioritize hemp’s benefits to farmers. Jobs would be created overnight, as there are numerous U.S. companies that now have no choice but to import hemp raw materials worth many millions of dollars per year.”

Some U.S. companies already manufacture or sell products made with hemp, like Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and the Indiana company – FlexForm Technologies’ – cars that total over two million on the road today. Sixteen states have passed pro-hemp legislation. Some states have removed barriers to production, like North Dakota, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and Hawaii. Let’s remove ALL federal barriers asap! California is quickly approaching the point of legalizing industrial hemp farming. With the massive water drought now causing health and environmental detriment, now would be a great time to legalize hemp, which takes way less water to cultivate than trees and factories making all the products hemp could serve use for instead.

The long and strong fibers of hemp require less energy to manufacture than petroleum-based plastics. BMW and Ford cars manufacturers have both supported this sensible solution to costs and protecting the environment. If hemp were available domestically, it would be such a HUGE difference in everything.

Hemp would undermine the cotton industry as a whole, which is worth over $600 million a year. You could use half the irrigation of water and half the nitrogen fertilizer, and grow it all in half the time even Biotech’s RoundUp cotton takes. Ooops! Let the “cat out of the bag” on that. Less herbicides, pesticides and other ag-chems for California state! Let’s do it. Voters wake up. New healthy food and cosmetics for the whole USA.

Still, Americans are mentally challenged when it comes to voting for the right things because they’re living in a fog from drinking fluoridated water, eating GMO and injecting toxic mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde into their muscle tissue yearly (flu shots and unnecessary vaccinations for measles and the like).

All you see on TV is violence, school shootings, gangs, protests broken up and violated by rogue police dressed as military martial law clones with gas and clubs, beating people to death for speaking out against just about anything, whether it be murderous police departments, the right to bear arms, the right to publish opinions of their own government or the right to protest about the rights to their own bodies.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell says hemp seed oil cures cancer. Keep reading.

“Dr. Leonard Coldwell is in the opinion of countless experts, the world’s leading authority for Natural Cancer cures, Stress-Related Illness and Burnout Syndrome. He is the most successful motivational self-help education system trainer of our time. Discovering his gifts at a very early age, he single-handedly cured his own mother of Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and Liver Cancer, she had been given a diagnosis of a terminal state and a prognosis of only 6 months to live. Today, 43 years later, she is still alive and healthy! Throughout Dr. Coldwell’s successful career, he has to date, cured over 35,000 cancer patients (studies have concluded that he has a 92.3% cancer cure rate).”

Source: (http://truthwiki.org/Dr.+Leonard+Coldwell?highlight=natural%20cures)


The US Government. They just keep “hustling us.” They just keep holding us back. It’s time we made a stand. Watch what you purchase. Don’t buy useless things and don’t buy products that aren’t biodegradable. Support and contribute to the environment. Make yours better. It’s all of ours. Don’t get hustled by the crooked government. If and when they legalize growing hemp in your town, city or state, support your local farmers who do. Let’s look at the reasons why and vote accordingly.

A famous civil rights leader named Mahatma Gandhi once wrote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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In New York – – Senator Savino To Lead Medical Marijuana Regulatory Summit – Learn more here: http://hemp.org/news/#sthash.AhJFeD0g.dpuf


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